Thursday, September 11, 2008

a bike intensive week is coming up!

and GULP! I haven't really ridden my bike since labor day...maybe very very short distances like to White Flag or to Jamie's house on the other side of the park since then...but I better get my ass in gear.

MONDAY night is the FBC full moon fiasco of the month.

Tuesday I was invited to a ride that I've done once before that adds up to about 22+ miles round trip, but 1) I'll probably be too sore to do it 2) I have class on Tuesday nights and this week I didn't go because I went to Motorhead.

I thought I was ready for summer to be over, but apparently not.

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  1. The Alleycat is just about having fun. Hell the person who finishes last gets something too. And everyone gets a spoke card, race pin and beer. And who doesn't like free beer?

    Hell bring friends along and ride to the check points at your own pace and hang out in the park and drink beer at the end.

    That sounds like a fine Sunday afternoon to me.

    We will be passing out flyers Monday evening.


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