Thursday, September 11, 2008

Birthday Card for Michael

My ex boyfriend's birthday is today and last year I made him a card in very poor taste of 9-11 so I thought I'd continue this year anyways. If I ever get ahold of the other one I'll make sure to take a picture or scan it in or whatever. It had an illustration of a pastel skyline and the towers with a plane in the air and said something like "it's your birthday!" and inside was the same illustration only with no plane and a lot of smoke and it said "sorry your party was crashed." It's actually really pretty despite the poor taste in subject matter. He lived in NYC when 9-11 happened and actually had plans to stay up all night and greet his 26th birthday with a long walk from his Spanish Harlem apartment down to where the towers were and back, and then accidentally fell asleep instead...

Then he woke up at about noon and called his best friend Jacob to see what he was up to and when Jacob sounded bummed he was like "what's wrong?" and Jacob was like, "oh man, you didn't hear? Someone flew planes into the twin towers earlier this morning..." and Michael was like "very funny Jacob, I'm looking out my window right now and it's the most beautiful day I've ever seen, how could that be possible?"

And I guess you can guess how the rest of the conversation went...I guess his apartment was in the higher numbered streets and he just honestly couldn't see all the smoke and stuff...but anyways, that's why I made him that birthday card and used to call 9-11 "oh you mean my boyfriend's 26th birthday?" which isn't really all that funny when you think about it...

Whatever, people have birthdays on tragic here's this year's card...

It's lazier than last years' but still, a hand drawn card is always nice to recieve:
Happy Birthday, Michael Ferrer.

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