Wednesday, September 3, 2008

but I love my mailman.

He just told me that this record I got in the mail was the first package that he's ever delivered from the Netherlands. It's super duper rare and now I have it...I guess technically that means I can give my old boyfriend back his copy, but I was kind of hoping that the record cover would be in better condition or whatever, but I guess you can't win everything.
meet my new boyfriend.this is the copy that I have to give back and don't really want to. Although the font on mine rules, the overall design of the one that I've been borrowing from Michael is way way cooler and on the back there's this really great description...

Get ready for the best thing ever and just imagine that tiny panel on the right blown up...It says:
This is...

Jean Marc Bridge, leader of the one man, solo group known professionally as BLACK SWAN was born in Paris, France on December 17, 1947.

He is a multi-instrumentalist and on this record plays 12 string, electric and bass guitars, drums, and a cajun mouthorgan, more or less like an ocarina and called a " Cazou ".

He has green/blue eyes, light brown hair and is proficient at many sports including Swimming, Tennis and Horse Riding. He loves girls - any colour - any size - all ages - as long as they are women ... in other words:

He is a typical frenchman.

what a total babe. More on this record at a later date, I'll make up a tag for it.

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