Friday, September 5, 2008

channeling the 4th grade boy drawing skills...

on cbgb's table. Valentine drew the head and I thought it looked like a ninja turtle and then he needed a lot of unnecessary muscles and a slice of pizza to dangle over his turtle powered head. I guess it's a mix of donatello and Leonardo because of his weapons.
Then I was trying to draw a treasure troll that was also the bad boy.
My friend Brynne once covered up a tattoo of the bad boy and something else with a beautiful seascape. The dudes in the shop she worked at at the time were all making total fun of her because dude that got the seascape had to come in for several sessions and he kept inviting her to go scuba diving with him on his boat that was decorated with tribal flames or something...I totally forgot to draw another line separating the fingers from his thumb in the fist. Whatever, I had a good time drawing on a table.

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