Tuesday, September 16, 2008


A few weeks back a friend was over and we were looking at videos (yes i chose that video because the song implies that the maker of that video is hilariously angsty) and hoaxes and whatever else of maybe real maybe fake animals, and there were these deer that supposedly have vents or flaps or something in their faces (couldn't really find any info except on a forum that was kind of a ghost town with no actual working links) and I just have been meaning to post these for a while. The little baby ones look like normal deer but I had to post them because they are cute. Here is another link to more badass creatures that's actually more fascinating and less grotesque than the other one...with REAL video footage! Just don't get caught watching the various videos until 5 am like we did. They don't really show anything new after you watch about 3 of them.

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