Friday, September 5, 2008

forgot to post this the other day:

more baghead for posterchild.
speaking of which I totally scared a new intern yesterday...he goes to my school and he was like "oh yeah, you are going to be in the ad, right?" and I was like "yeah, I modeled for it!" and then he looked really awkward and some weird overcompensation started happening...he was talking about the ARTFORUM ad where my boobs will be. [again, sorry mom?]
He also didn't know that I'm his superior intern...he hehe...not really because we don't even work the same days. whatevs.
THE POINT IS...the pulitzer thing is really awesome, there's solar powered soft serve at the contemporary, that blown out church on spring has a beautiful lampshade installation [unfortch you can't walk inside of the chain link fence though], there's some video that I didn't see on the back outside wall of the CAMSTL, and Jason's buckets look great in the cube scaffolding. Go see it, it's there til like Oct 17 or something. Read about it here. Be sure to see the post where Stephen Jehle is in daisy dukes and a harness.
sorry, I was drunk on labor day. Very, very drunk.

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