Friday, September 26, 2008

fucked by florida. but never by a Kennedy woman.

I can't get enough of tracksuits. oy vey.

And I am so glad that I'm not the only one that thinks Obama draws so many similarities to JFK. He's handsome, and it was a huge deal for JFK to be the first Catholic president, right?

Don't women tend to vote for whom they think is more attractive?...oh wait I think I read that in Cosmo when I was like 14, nevermind. I do think as far as "women's issues" go, he was super eloquent and nonpartisan but reassuring about it--well, maybe ProLifers won't think so but I thought it was well put... I like that he was offering some real numbers about partial birth abortion and shifting the focus to proactive preventative measures, which I found to be super smart, earnest, and most importantly: it was thought provoking...way moreso than the "hey, I would never get an abortion but hey, I think it should be lawful" pussyfootin around this house.

I like Obama...I didn't have much more of an opinion before the Veeps candidates were announced, but I think I'll save the reasons why Sarah Palin creeps me out for another post. Before the running mates were announced I was kinda just like "well, better them than him..." and that might piss off some of my family, professors, friends, whatever...but really talking about politics pisses everyone off anyways. I'll stop there for now.

PS- My punctuation sucks today.

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