Thursday, September 18, 2008

homework and this other girl's homework i wrote all over

So our assignment was to make a poster/flyer for an event using collage (I know, it would be totally retarded if it weren't DIY class!) and it's due tonight and I haven't really done a lick of work on it since last week. But I wanted to show off the work in progress because I should do that anyways. I did it for the rock n roll craft show 5, which happens this year, and I made my collage via scanner. It needs work. And information.

Kendra is a friend in class and I really respect her design sensibility and so I wanted to help her out because she's going up for BFA review and I know she can make everything look really kick ass. She decided to make her event flyer for her BFA review to hand out like a showcard to her professors, which is really a brilliant idea, and so I took notes on everything Jon C told her to tweak with the design and then threw in a few notes of encouragement to make it look like a real show card because if she takes herself seriously, it will come more naturally as a general tone for the flock of professors to take the work she's showing seriously...and then give her the OK for getting her BFA this year! We scanned it in because we thought it was funny after we looked at it, and she actually really appreciated everything. I just really like her and I wanted to help encourage her along. So let's all laugh at me together:

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  1. I love it! Thanks for the help:) even your comments look nice on the collage.. haha


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