Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I love Jeremy Kannapell.

So does most everyone I know in St Louis. Everyone either has or has had a crush on Jeremy, and if you haven't you might soon. I chalk it up to the fact that most of the time he's asking about the other person in the conversation, because he's very modest and private [doesn't particularly like talking about himself] and when someone takes a vested interest in asking you questions and then remembers details about you, and is this dashing man who knows everyone and he really talked to you, that's when crushes on Jeremy happen. One time, I proposed marriage to him, then promptly followed with a "we'd be married, but we wouldn't have sex." I know, kinda weird, but it was at one of those things with free beer where you get out of hand and someone hands you a hula hoop and all of a sudden you're in someone else's truck bed hula hooping. Don't tell me you haven't been there, everyone lives this way, right? Right. So back to Jeremy--

What people really go gaga over is that he does these excellent drawings and posters, has a crazy awesome library knowledge of underground culture across the country, he has that super rare whatever toy/video/laserdisc/limited edition 3" CDR that you've only heard about in legend, he has like a mini golf arcade robot in his house, he's given me rides home when I was drunk [and crying in some cases] and he just happens to magically appear without a call or anything, he volunteered with children this summer, he plays shows with his socks on in a few carry cases of pedals and broken microphones and whatever else is in there, he'll also come to any show you're playing as long as there aren't several others that night, he looks really shy but is incredibly friendly and compassionate, he's really really good at keeping secrets, and he talks to animals. Ok, so the last part is sort of a stretch, but I've seen him at several human gatherings where he beelines for the dog in the room and hangs out like they're old pals, it's really adorable.

I can say all those things because I consider him a really close friend, but since he's really private person people get really surprised when they find out that he does something else cool, like he's this crazy prize winner in a field full of one trick ponies. I love that everyone loves him so much, I kinda really like it when I can be like "Have you ever met Jeremy's sister?" and the person I'm talking to goes "WHAT!??!! JEREMY has siblings?!" like they're surprised that he isn't some sort of magical alien or something. What I think is most funny about it is when people are surprised to see Jeremy in really normal places, and how sometimes they'll call him by what he plays shows "I saw Ghost Ice at the whole foods, can you believe that? One project that I still think is a good idea but never got executed (hey, this one wasn't because I'm a slacker though, Jeremy also hates to be photographed) was to make a Ghost Ice Coloring Book. I'm pretty sure once I have enough pictures compiled from like 2005 to now, I could do it.

Oh by the way, that picture is of me looking up adoringly at Jeremy's xerox machine genius at a show that our friend Genevieve (also awesome) organized at Fort Gondo, I believe it was the first time Jeremy showed anything besides show posters.

Anyways, if Jeremy read this he'd be really embarrassed so I'm gonna stop here.

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  1. A friend just directed me to your blog. I went to high school with Jeremy and yes, I had a crush on him. That winning smile and that contagious laugh. He was kind enough to patiently listen to me prattle on about some stupid boy when I really wanted him. Glad to know the legacy continues! :)


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