Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I need a job.

I haven't been called back by 2 restaurants where I thought the interviews went well, it doesn't look like I should try to sign up for full time classes since I kinda got on that late, and I'm looking on craigslist for ridiculous stuff.

So far I was thinking about applying for this artist who is building sand castles (really sounds like my odd tasks I get assigned at white flag sometimes) and another posting that is weekends only and is for face painting at the zoo. Oh man.

Something like this sounds like a good fit since ideally I would really love to just have a paid internship so there's less pressure to be anything but learning how an office within a certain industry works, so I wouldn't be in a position to like, blow it. This also sounds like something along the level of what I feel ready for, but I guess I missed the boat on that. I wish people would pay their goddamn interns so upper level college students can get work experience while taking classes without having to take a completely irrelevant job. ugh.

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