Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I wish...

that I could be paid to be someone's imaginary friend. I've already kind of got the wardrobe down, I'm just a little too loud to be imaginary. And a little too real...not as Real as Adrienne though, who has 100% Real tattooed on her arm!

I guess watching Pete's Dragon and old episodes of Puff the Magic Dragon rubbed off on me yesterday.

ps- this is part 4 but if anyone else feels compelled you can watch the whole damn movie in like 14 parts. I just posted this because I always dreamed of writing with a charred stick on Pete's Dragon's tummy...I like how their relationship sort of looks like a romantic one at how they talk about it and the whole musical sequence where he's singing about how much he loves his dragon. Too good.


  1. If you want to be an imaginary friend, watch the movie Drop Dead Fred.

  2. Drop Dead Fred is a favorite. That little girl in it really creeps me out though because she was in this Lifetime Original called "Child of Rage" that totally scared me for life.


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