Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mom rules.

Mom just got a new iPhone and sent me an email entitled "my new haircut"...she looks pretty cute showing it off. PS- she is 59!!!!!! She looks younger huh?

Alright so let's get this really unflattering picture out of the way because I think it's all I have right now. Me, Mom, Grandma. Dinner in June, somehow the lighting made us all look really cheeky...and by that I mean we all look like fat chipmunks. I look like I lost a few teeth...but whatever. At least I have faith that I'm pretty sure I'm not going to lose my eyebrows with age like these ladies. JK, mom and grandma.
So my friend Kendra sent this message out on facebook and I thought my mom would be a cool person to ask these questions to because she's moved a whole bunch and she's been crashing on my grandma's couch since June, here in STL. Her answers were pretty 'mom' and I don't know if anyone else will think it's as heartwarming as I do, but I thought I'd post it anyways. What a doll she is.

so here's what she posted, if you email back to me, i'll fwd to her.

Hi everybody!, I am doing a photography series based on the concept of home, what is home, what makes a home and I need your input to inform what my work is going to say. Please please, even if you can write just a few words, post a response to 'what is home?' or a response based on the following questions:

What is home? What do you think makes a place "home" for a person? What is the difference between a place you happen to live and a place you think of as home? Is it a history? Does it depend on other people? What is the relationship of home and family? Is home defined by an internal feeling or by external conditions?

Where is your home and why?

* I know it sounds like homework but I really would appreciate your help! (and preferably within the next week or so:)

So here's what Linda had to say:

I learned when I moved to Cleveland to "bloom where I am planted". That means that whether I am in good weather or bad, I can enjoy the climate and make the most of the natural resources around me. But what has always been there to make it OK is my family, especially my children. Making a home for them has always motivated me. Finding the right schools, the right home, the right neighborhood, the activities that help them find friends and fulfillment has driven me to the house we lived in. Then, after unpacking and settling in, it is home when these things all click. I find my home where my family thrives.
I intentionally tried to create memories and traditions that create the atmosphere of home. A holiday without family makes home a very lonely place indeed. Just a roof and a few rooms, joyless and empty of love.
As my children have grown, I have explored what home will mean in my future. I am not sure where I will live, since all three children have settled in different states. I tried to buy a new home near my oldest daughter and my grandchildren, but the economy prevented that. I now think of the airport, where I go to visit the cities where my children live. The old issues of location, schools and other child-focused motivations don't apply any more. Being close to family is still my criteria, but my dilemma is the geographic location of each child.
So, clearly, I think that home is where my family and loved ones are. My question now is: where do I live so I can feel at home?

Even if no one wants to read it I think I'm gonna post mine because DUh this is my blog not anyone else's, and that's why I have a tag for "dear diary blogging"...I like how she sort of ended in the same way as a Sex & the City monologue haha...Man, my mom's answer and all of that almost made me feel all better about all my baby photos being stolen out with a bag that someone smashed my window to get earlier this week...almost. I should have gone dumpster diving.

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