Saturday, September 27, 2008

mystery solved!

I kept trying to figure out the name of this comedian that changed my mind about stand up comedy and all I could ever think of was that he was young, cute, wearing a sweatshirt, and made jokes that were so nonsensical that I actually identified with his sense of humor, his name may or may not start with a D, and his Comedy Central special was set in Orange county.

Today-- long after I've stuffed that search in the back corners of my mind-- my question has been answered. All because he is on tour and he is coming to the Pageant. I am so delighted. I want everyone to come with me, I wish it were cheaper.

His name...Daniel Tosh.

Ps- I don't think he's cute in a way that I'm attracted to him, he actually seems like he might have douchey friends looking at the pictures on his website. I bet you he vacations in Lake Havasu or something. Which to you St Louisans is like the equivalent of a place I've been told of that's called "Party Cove"...aka Real Housier. (sp?) Whatevs, gotta love him.

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