Saturday, September 13, 2008

FINS in US and my friends didn't even tell me. Pshaw!

I don't know when the last time she was in the US, but I'm guessing it's when she played in Michael's basement for his 30th birthday weekend in 2005 for our Hallucinations Are Real 3 day mini music festival celebration or whatever. The picture above is actually in Michael's basement/Spooky Action Palace, which I'd never found this particular photograph before. This makes me think that I wasn't looking particularly hard last time I tried...She was pregnant during that tour and the second photograph is of Hertta Lussu Assa during this weekend, which consists of finnish freak folk stars Islaja, [aka Merja, pr: Merry-ya], Kuupuu [aka my friend Jonna, pr: Yo-nah], and Lau Nau...and in that particular performance, also includes me. They invited me to play with them, told me that Heather in finnish is Kanerva, and I dressed them all up in costumey clothes that were around Michael and my bedroom at the time (aka when I was living there) and we jammed out with a bunch of toys they have. There's a very silly recording of this 20 minute set wherein we each tell jokes where you either can't make out the punchline or you can hear the punchline but can't make out the joke...I lifted the picture from their myspace page and the caption is hilarious: "Hertta Lussu Ässä: Drunk and Pregnant" We concluded the set with singing Michael "Happy Birthday" in Finnish, which they taught me not too long before we actually played. It was really magical, not to mention a fucking rad birthday surprise for Michael.

Her [Lau Nau's] second album is out, which is why she's touring I guess, but what a thing to find out at such a last minute time! ARGH.

The whole reason I was googling her in the first place was that I'd heard from another friend that she was involved in a new project wherein there's a picture of her taken with a flash camera in the dark and there are just too many deer to even count standing with her. Anyways, I'm over at Taylor's and she is ready to go out to openings on Cherokee street, so I'm going to find that picture later and call it a night on this here blog post.

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