Wednesday, September 10, 2008

peggy noland rules

I met her last October when I went to Kansas City and this video is of her being stressed out because her store is the size of a walk in closet essentially and I'm pretty sure I'd get this claustrophobic as well under these circumstances...but she is a total sweetheart, she pretty much exclusively makes leotards, I'm pretty sure that the dude with the mustache and the makeup in the video clip is this dude Mike who lives in St Louis and I see around every so often [but not enough because he is adorbs and nice] and yeah, Peggy Noland is the cat's pajamas and she's way sweet. I just wanted everyone to see that her store is painted like a cheeseburger.

here's what i assume is a spot for her website, it's just funny.

I also found something really cool and weird from Kansas City while I was looking for that.

this is just part one, so I bet you can click on part 2 and 3 and whatever else. ENJOY!


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