Thursday, September 18, 2008

some old stuff I made from my flash drive.

Maliea and my birthdays are 2 days apart and for our 21st we had a bday party together. At the time we were making a lot of jokes about her looking like Zac Hanson and how our kid pictures looked a lot alike, and we had about the same haircolor, so I made this collage for our birthdays. I believe I still owe both of us this image in poster size, but Kinko's gets so expensive I've avoided it for over a year. When Maliea's mom saw it she said "that's really cute, but I don't remember taking a lot of those pictures of you"...parents.
This is actually broken now, which sucks, because that display case was pretty awesome, and I only have a cell phone pic of it...with my old phone that I hated. I was toying around with this idea of creating 2d objects to sit in 3d space, like dioramas sorta. Since I had such a tiny box I drew on shrinky dinks and turned this in for a final project in...Intermediate Drawing class I believe. Some of the little drawings turned out good, some of them not so good, but it was a good excercise in how that would actually work for other projects.

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