Thursday, September 18, 2008

this is three weeks late...back to the flag!

We were all so excited to be back together in our BRAND NEW REAL OFFICE that we documented it.
there's me with the ARTFORUM and an envelope that Tim Barber sent to Matt and Matt saw that I liked it so much that he let me keep it. But not before giving me a ton of shit about loving Tim or whatever. Whatever.

there are my boobs in ARTFORUM in the bottom left hand corner of our ad.

Taylor and I moved all these buckets outside and so we climbed on them and took pictures because Jason took a picture of me drilling the holes in the bottoms of them when the buckets first were in the gallery. It felt appropriate to bookend it.

Three weeks late:

so today was my first day back to White Flag Projects for Season 3. We have a real office now! It's really beautiful, and Taylor and I are Senior Interns this year. We still don't get paid, though.

It was a pretty productive day. I figured out that we could dust with an air compressor, like dust off cans, but made by DeWalt-- it was fuggin awesome. I also saw the new ARTFORUM with our ad in it or whatever. Whitey Jr (stray cat we feed #2, Whitey Original doesn't really come around too much, and he looks more and more beat up every time we see him) came by, and we usually feed him off of one of the many free unwanted copies of ALIVE magazine we recieve, but this time Matt was in this issue because Paul Ha (CAMSTL's director, I babysat his kids a few times this summer) put Matt as one of his favorite 10 local artists--so we are going to feed Whiteys off of that page for now.
Matts face is just to the left of the cat's.
and I rode my bike to get some lunch down the street but I was too late for lunch. But there was a church rummage sale that I went to instead and got taylor these old car cologne bottles. One after shave smelled terrible, the other one surprisingly nice.

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