Thursday, September 18, 2008

Weird night, weird start to today.

1) Remember that post I made about the sand castle job? My professor emailed me saying "I'm going to be late for class tonight, about 6:15, Please spread the word...I have a friend who needs help building a sand castle in his studio...interested?"

I guess I am perfect for the job...too bad I will be busy editing video footage for White Flag so a short can go out with our press release. I'm really hoping that this goes smoothly because it's the first attempt. Basically I'm going to just get something done, add bells and whistles if there's time, and really lean on our helvetica bold no spaces identity that matt's super into right now. Then I'll get fancy as I get to working faster and whatever.

2)I was having this incredibly strange dream wherein I was in some sort of North Midwestern College Town, forget which one at the moment...and I find out that Adam Green is playing! Then I have a really cool watch and I switch wrists that it's on because even in my dream I know that I don't wear a watch, but that one is super cool so I try to get comfortable with it...I see Adam walking behind a rope or some sort of gate/barrier and I stop him and go "hey, remember me? I saw you in Chicago and am a friend of Courtney Duncan's?" and he looks confused at first but then goes "oh right right" like he remembers.

Then he's like "walk with me, I'm a busy man" or something like that, and proceeds to explain this complicated set that they have going on involving puppies under hats or something like that and he was like "that's why my hair is bleaching out, because some of the puppies are so light"


and then I ask him if he can get me in for free and he sort of implies that there might not be any more spots and/or it might be too late but we'll find a way...and then I go hang out with some girl that is opening for him and her dad, who bears the strangest closest resemblance to Jack Nance I spend the whole time being totally freaked out. So we're playing with puppies and setting up her set which also includes a dog, and three giant flat circles that we use as plates to put tomato slices with basil shreds, sea salt, pepper and Olive oil, and then I guess she decides that I'm going to play her show with her, and then I realize that those tomatoes are Heirlooms and we start to "test" them. Then somehow we eat like, the majority of the setup. Then I woke up and now I'm listening to a whole bunch of Adam Green and eating microwave enchiladas. Here is a video I've been meaning to post:

3)Lil Pete brought some book to Mangia last night and wouldn't shut up about it. It was like, when you bring a book to a bar with the intention of talking about the book, no one is going to ask you about it and you end up looking like a commercial for the damn thing, but if you go to a bar and happen to have a book with you, but don't necessarily want to talk about it, then no one will stop asking you about it. It's the lamest double standard ever.

4) Joe Stein and I have the same neck fungus, which I suspected because I saw selsun blue in their shower, which is what my Dr. Uncle Mark told me to do about's gone down significantly but has not completely disappeared. I don't even know how I got it originally...I just woke up and had a weird rash one day. At least people don't ask me if I have hickeys anymore. Joe told me he forgot to buy more and it spread like, over his whole body. This was all brought up because Sean said he had to shave his armpits because he had some weird spagetti looking fungus. Fungus is gross, if you weren't grossed out before, I'm surprised.

5) I am now successfully halfway through my giant bag of sprinkle cheese. The bottle of Vodka from the same costco trip is a little under half, but you know, cheese, vodka...which one gets used more often? No one can say.

6) Peetr and I were supposed to have a drink and hang but we both got hijacked by other people. He by friends he hadn't seen in 2 years, me by some weirdo freakishly tiny drunk lesbian with two black eyes and a camo print hat, who swooped in while I was ordering a drink and said "I'll take the same thing and I'll buy hers"

uh oh is right.

Creepy drunk old lesbians are almost worse than creepy old drunk men. Mostly because there's some weird idea that it's more okay to like, touch you because they are women. I had a really hard time escaping from her, she was so drunk that she was referring to her cell phone not turning on to "they won't let me show you" because she was going to show me some pictures or something. She also said that her friend Brock would call me a "bee-otch" but that she would never call me that. Eventually I ditched her and then Peetr told me this morning that he thinks she was trying to trip him on the way out because she kicked him in the ankle.

We decided we are going to draw an evil little leprachaun picture of her next time we hang out.

7) I hope I can get all my homework done. Have a good day guys.

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