Tuesday, September 16, 2008

why a whole bunch of police cars zoomed past us on our bike ride last night.

Retired cop at bar shoots would-be robber
shooting at pooh's corner (P-D)
By Kim Bell

ST. LOUIS -- A retired police officer at a cop-hangout bar in south St. Louis stopped two would-be robbers in their tracks late last night.

The bar, Pooh's Corner, is a clean and quiet neighborhood bar, popular with off-duty police officers. The bar is at 6023 Virginia Avenue near Interstate 55.

Police say two men in their 20s walked into the bar about midnight Monday and announced a holdup. One of the men pointed a handgun. They hadn't done their homework, though -- this place is popular with off-duty and retired cops.

A 49-year-old retired police officer works there as a bartender. He pulled his own gun and fired at the robbers.

One of the robbers was shot twice, in the buttocks. He and his accomplice ran from the bar. The wounded suspect, a 28-year-old man, was caught outside and arrested. He underwent surgery at a local hospital. Police say his injuries weren't life-threatening, though his condition wasn't available this morning.

Erica Van Ross, a spokeswoman for the St. Louis Police Department, said in an emailed update that the second suspect -- the one with the gun -- is still on the loose.

In 1995, Pooh's Corner was the scene of another shooting -- but, that time, it was fatal.

Just after midnight on Nov. 27, 1995, two men wearing dark clothing and black ski masks charged through the front door of Pooh's Corner. Eight people were inside, including two off-duty police officers -- brothers Bob and Joe Siscel -- who were having some beers after work.

Bob Siscel ended up struggling with -- and fatally wounding -- one of the robbers who brandished a sawed-off shotgun. Police investigators say he acted appropriately.

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