Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ali was proud of her sister's boyfriend

Cuz he is awesome. He is the Corndawg aka Jonny Fritz and he rules. Gotta find a picture of his guitar cozy, because he made it on Ali's sister's knitting machines...it's super badass.I also kind of wish I could be him. He just goes on tour all the time ON A MOTORCYCLE, and takes pictures of it all, and goes out with Ali's awesome sister Lauren, and we served corndogs and beer at his show when he played in st louis, and he's got these great songs about young marriage that are called like "16" "18" "22", and since Ali and I are 22, we asked him to play 22 and he was like "I dunno if you want to hear that one, it's kind of mean"

She sent me this link to a very flattering write up he got and there's all sorts of cool links in this article about him that made me proud too. There's a video that I'll add to this of his commercial for his airbrush tshirts...it's funny. Here's his flickr.

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