Friday, October 17, 2008

been meaning to

this still shot from an ABBA video, it was a few weeks ago and I am kind of really hung over so i forgot which one. Oh yeah I sung backup on the radio last night for this awesome band from Oakland in tribute to dead frienz. It was really cool of this girl Shannon, the singer, to ask me to harmonize with her because I let her bring up lyrics on my iPhone...the only embarassing thing is that I did that false start thing that you do when you forget when a song you're singing along to starts, but we weren't even listening to music, I was sort of trying to cover up the fact that she'd pressed a button on my phone and navigated away from the page so I had to figure out a way not to have dead air while bringing it back up...she totally said FUCK like 3 times on air and Grace's worried voice started channeling through me... :-/

yeah, that's right, I used an emoticon. I haven't been this hungover in a while...I missed lunch plans.

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