Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The beginnings of a poster illustration:

I think it looks like a shirt from a skateboarding company. The assignment is to make a provote poster, non-partisan, to convince students to vote. We had to write the copy and design the poster and after class I did what any good copywriter should do: go drinking with a bunch of funny dudes at trivia, ask them their opinion on what I've already got, and start making jokes about potential taglines. A bunch of stinkers get thought up, but then the gold comes through. Well, more or less. My tag for this one: skip class- make time to vote. This is just a phone pic, but I think I really like where this is going. I am so in love with those little lines inside the cursive that I might just start to make two more posters with the runners up copy lines.

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  1. This is looking nice, but it is these types of assignments that make me hate the curriculum at schools for design/advertising. This is so far removed from the real world. I could see taking a look at what this campaign has brought as far as some very cool art, and the idea of doing a pro-vote poster is ok, but it would be far better to give designers the line for the poster to make everything on a level playing field. In 14 years I've written maybe 3 headlines ever. That's what copy writers are for.

    Question- How long do you get for this assignment?


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