Friday, October 10, 2008

I heart Grace

My friend Grace has this radio show called Nomadic Reverie on KDHX 88.1 that's on Tuesday evenings from 8pm-10pm, and you can stream the episodes (wait is that what you call weekly radio shows?) up to two weeks after the show airs on their website through your iTunes...

I just pledged my membership to the station for the first time during her show this week, and I'm getting a Beach House CD as my thank you gift...which I've listened to a bunch in Grace's car. We went to SXSW together and I hope we get to go again this year too (it was so awesome, and there were so many friends there!) and this girl Sarah who I got to know (funnily enough) by 'stealing' her bike light--or at least being a really terrible borrower of it...well anyways, she came up to me at White Flag at the Pepe Mar opening and was telling me "Grace takes really great pictures of you" and I was sort of wondering where she'd seen them, and then I remembered that I hardly ever check Grace's flickr page but she takes pictures constantly...

I went and checked it and there really are all sorts of awesome pictures that I'm in on there. So I thought I'd post the ones from the night I stole Sarah's bike old boyfriend Michael's 33rd jesus [intended] themed birthday party...get it? 33 years old?

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