Friday, October 3, 2008

I talk way too much...

Somewhere there's a baby video of me eating fruit loops and my mom asking me questions, I'm probably about 3 or 4 in it. She asks me what my favorite animals are, and I say "a giraffe and a baby monkey"...good answer, baby Heather.

Enter the Okapi. The only known cousin to the giraffe, said to be mistaken for a Unicorn at some point [or so I read and liked], and apparently they are of that variety of animals that just haven't evolved much from what they were like a bazillion years ago or something. They are bad ass looking. They look like someone made them up, it's like the cutest cow you've ever seen but they have Zebra print this animal is wearing tights, and it makes their butt look really cute and funny...and their tongue is PURPLE, and it's really fucking long and dexterous...really freaky looking...
I found a really good picture on this girl's blog that called "Saharan Vibe" which I really just linked because the name made me think of jamming...there's pictures of Okapi on money on there too. Strangely enough, when I searched for Okapi pictures, google images suggested the related search "baby okapi" and oh my the results are so cute, they look like dog goats with really long legs. I'm in love. We have them at our zoo and I really hope they haven't put them inside for the temperature drop yet!
They live in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which is where my favorite sculptor is from too, so I'll include some images of his work too. His name is Bodys Isek Kingelez. I found a blog on model making that talks about him in this entry. His sculptures really remind me of the pavillions in Tower Grove Park...

sons of rest pavillion:
lily pond pavillion:

some of Kingelez's sculptures:

two of the piñatas I made for white flag's end of season one party, white thrash, which was July 3rd 2007, I believe. This was my first assignment as an intern at White Flag and I went all out and it was a crazy 70+ hour [understatement] project and I was stoked on it because I'd just written a research paper on Bodys Isek Kingelez and was tempted to play around with model I got to! There were like 6 I think and they were all supposed to look like commercial galleries here in St Louis, the one below was actually my least favorite piñata but now I guess I don't think it looks so bad. The gallery that it's of is now closed, EllenCurlee, and the other one was my favorite piñata, of Jim Schmidt's place right by the Grand Center I believe...I even built the indented store front. They were fun, my apartment hasn't been clean since I made them though...I wish there were some better pictures of these too.

The Turkish Pavillion in Tower Grove Park really reminds me of Jim Woodring comics.

All of these things deserve their own posts. Jim Woodring needs a post, in fact I think I started one weeks ago and never published it.

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  1. The Okapi are still outside and quite cool. Jett and I saw them yesterday afternoon.


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