Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Made me feel better.

The video is actually mislabeled and it's really called "Nothing Came Out"...Kimya Dawson is in the business of making music that makes you feel like you're hugged and just lettin it all out on your shoulder. I've totally cried in front of her and read a book to her awesome baby Panda, which was awesome because I read her blog throughout her pregnancy with Panda and so it was really cool to meet Panda in real life. I also really love Adam Green's costumes, I wonder if anyone I know knows who makes them...Most of them have fringe and stuff painted on them like eyeballs.

Anyways I wasn't feeling so great because I just went out to lunch with my old boyfriend and then I realized that I didn't want it to end and then he said something that made me sad or emphasized this fact or something and then I just lost it all the way home and this song was going to be the only thing that would make me feel better, and guess what...it did.


  1. oh jeeze! she's got the 'make the heart melt' to the extreme. I got to hang in eugene with her for a bit. one of the most awesome sincere persons I've ever met. It was a bit before panda though. and for that I'm jealous. I don't usually like kids but that little one, from what I've seen, is a real charmer. especially to those with the cold black heart.

    anyhoo, I'm back in town and we should hang out and talk and have the fun and maybe a meal.

  2. oh, and one of my favorites...



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