Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So Stoked.

That 110 cameras are back in style, or at least they're available for sale at Fred Flare and they sell film for them too! In my freshman year in college I was taking a bookmaking class and we had to make either an altered book or a book "in disguise" or something, and I made a spy book camera with a 110 camera hidden inside...mine was much more shitty looking than that sleek plastic version that the link goes to...but I'm glad someone did it!

I see them all the time in thrift stores and I'm always baffled at how many people my age never had one! Or don't even remember them! I mean, they were so cheap and slim and they came in cool colors, and maybe it was because I had a bigger sister or something, but I definitely had like a LOT of these things...turquoise, fuchsia, andI think I actually had a few of those keychain cameras [pictured above]...Mine didn't have cute little stickers with animals on them (I guess unless I put stickers on them) but I'm pretty sure I had like no less than 3 hanging off my backpack...I always liked that the viewfinder is totally just a hollow square of plastic...so REAL!

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  1. This makes me really happy too!

    I have one of these: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2204/2427353803_07c618c114_m.jpg

    But the film is pretty expensive and the developing is outrageous and it takes like two weeks. poo.

    I'm pissed that polaroid stopped making the 669 film.


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