Friday, October 10, 2008

Why do I love ABBA so much lately?

Seriously, it's like they didn't even matter at the beginning of the summer, I liked maybe one or two songs a lot, and now there's like only a handful of ones I can't stand...

I really like the way Agnetha is wearing her headphones in this clip, like they're some sort of freaky headband and also that the whole backbone of the song is the only reason that that Madonna song "Hung Up" is good at all.

And the broken english and and the love and the tension and all of it makes me super happy. I couldn't finish this whole video but i like the song.

The video below is from the ABBA movie, which I've had from netflix for like, months now and I still haven't watched's so great, I love music video tricks like this. I feel like I've already posted this or something...whatever.

The actual music video for this song is equally as trippy, totally different, and the girls both have this great tunic on, one with a fox painted on it and the other with a hare painted on it.

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