Tuesday, June 24, 2008


woah, so a post that rose had on her blog just reminded me that I too also had a crazy vivid dream last night.

In this dream I had these roller skates that made me stretch out to like, lamp post height and at one point my dad was steering me around.
Somehow I ended up living in a submarine or being able to breathe underwater, I can't remember which but I was in deep seas...or maybe my roller skates were also awesome flippers or something.

Whichever way, in these deep seas, there were just racks and racks of old cars like, they just disposed of them in the ocean, but like, upsidedown forklifted them carefully into these racks. They didn't even smush them or anything before doing so, they just had tons of cars on racks. Then I saw these whales that were GIGANTIC like cartoon sperm whale looking things...well, somewhere between that and like, animatronic Jaws at Universal Studios style underwater mammal thing...and they swam with their mouths open and they had round teeth like the Simpsons and then inside their mouths they had smaller racks of those car grid holders....and they just swam around like that...how or what they ate is really beyond me, besides maybe that all the cars were of course algae and barnacle covered...but I woke up thinking "what a cool animation that would make" just because the imagery was all so beyond bizarre. So we'll see if I actually end up drawing these crazy things.


Uh, this is all my aunts and uncles (with the exception of a few) and my grandma doing something I've only heard about from like a family photo album called "a duh duhs or something... I guess it was worth it being late to Grandma's birthday" BBQ?

I especially like my mom laughing from behind the camera...WTF?!?!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Of any famous people I'll ever meet...

Or have met already, How's Your News team was the best. It was SouthBySouthWest, I saw their show, their caretaker girls were a little lame, I was a little drunk, I ran into fucking Beatle Bob and after going "what the fuck are you doing here?" I told him to go to the show and he did and then as per usual, he was in everyone's way, but it was really awesome to see him sort of baffled at how exactly to clap at a bunch of musically inclined adults with sorta severe disabilities.

My ex boyfriend at one time thought I had this disability called Williams Syndrome. It basically means that you are a really friendly elf who really likes music and has a really short attention span and you have a hard time looking at the evil things in life. Jeremy Vest, reporter for and drummer of How's Your News crew, is my age and really does have Williams Syndrome. He's very cute and he's very nice. And despite the fact that people with Williams' are supposed to be short, he wasn't that much shorter than me. I asked to take a picture with him and when that one turned out bad he let me take another one with him, wherein I look a little overenthused and he looks a little freaked out...it made it really too bad that the first one didn't turn out because in that one it looks like we have crushes on one another. Here they are:

pizza dog

my friend thorne has a website called pizza dog. i just started checking back up on it again recently. he does these animated gifs of the days and they are awesome.

For example:

He loves paper rad and you can tell. I love pizza dog the food and thorne can tell. His mom owns the book house on Manchester and he and I told really bad Harry Potter jokes and I made a uhhh sorting hat for the party out of burlap and wireform that is still in the basement probably. It looked like this:

Also Thorne has an awesome developmentally disabled sister who is fun to hang out with because it's kind of like playing charades because she has a speech impediment which makes everything sound like jibberish (much like bobby bird on how's yr news!) but she understands what you're saying (and sometimes if she doesn't like what you're saying she sort of feigns not paying attention) and so she gets a little frustrated when you don't want to or can't do what she wants you to. It's kind of like hanging out with someone who you've never met before and they're dragging you around by the arm introducing you to a whole room of tall people you've never met before. Once you figure out how to communicate with her though she rules. I think her name is Kira but I could be wrong, I only met her once and I might just be thinking of the girl gelfling in the dark crystal's name.


SO do moms. My mom is coming into town today. Piper's birthday party is at Ali's parents house. They have a pool. Hooray for SWIMMING! Man, I think this is the summer where I finally get my tan back. Trey would be proud, as we tried with Patty (who was 14 and squatter at the time, and he wore like, a hot pink thong or something...if I don't have pictures of it I should be ashamed of myself.)

So, my Unca Dan is going to pick me up and drive me down to the good ol' Dean Team of Kirkwood and I'm gonna get a loaner car or otherwise get an enterprise rental car. It makes paying for repairs feel like so much more of a deal...especially when I get it for the weekend like this! Look out for me!

Although, I can say that I'm a BIT disappointed that I won't be rolling around in style in my Grandma Mary Jane Reilly's big white boat of a Caddy because her license plate says "SKATE-D"...she couldn't think up a better abbreviation for "skate-dancer" so uhh, that's what Missouri gave her. I'll try to get a pic tomorrow.

On another note MY GRANDMA...who rules and you can see how much she rules in a youtube video that's set to weird dinner jazz that my Aunt Patti chose here:

My personal faves, in order:
-the ones at the beginning are pics she took for my grandpa when he was away serving his country and showing off what a babe he's got at home.
-the one where her skirt is blowing up and she's holding my baby mommy. Linda is the first so basically she just looks really young and doesn't have those cat eye glasses yet when my mom is a baby.
-Preggers Grandma hangs out with baby mommy on a bed.
-any ones wherein my mom is a babe, particularly the one right before the one where my grandpa is staring at my grandma's boobs, which she calls her 'shelf'
-duh, waterskiing grandma...
-grandma looking scrappy in fur coat and grandpa looking also pretty killer while carrying their dachshund.
-late 70's grandma with crazy glasses hanging out with a very young Caryn (my sister) in a blue nighty or something.
-Aunt Moo and MJ in France (she's wearing a red rose scarf thing)
-My Uncle Mike's crazy sleazestache and red blazer, followed by Grandma and I and a fire hydrant.
-duh, glamourshot.
-The absolute winner: Reilly family Reunion 1990, from left, baby Feather (me), moma Linda, grandma wearing a shirt that has her name (mary jane) on it with some sort of tron logo WITH a custom printed Neon green hat with Reilly fam reunion logo and heather grey sweatpants with the same logo up the leg!!!! Then there's aunt Patti and my cousin Marden who went to school with Anya, Piper and Ali.
-DUH! Grandma and her close personal friend Charo! She calls her 'auntie mae' because she always brought so many kids to her shows.
when mom was a bigger lady and had bad hair in the back of our boat 'my blue heather' in tahoe.
-A big NO DOI to grandma on roller skates in outfits I wish I had!!!! followed by: MJ, Ryan Donahue (bro), Marden & Mikee at fitz's circa 2004ish; mom's back to bein a looker; worst pic of my mom ever...
-Grandma and me when MJ had bells palsy which gave her a pirate smirk for a while...
-and then a really long ending that no one should watch because it's just there to finish the song and it's all in COMIC SANS MS, YUCK!

All that aside, it's her 83rd birthday party tomorrow, and I really really wish I could bring all my friends. Unfortc h, I won't even get there till 4 pm, so we'll see if anyone really bites the line. She lives sort of by Lemmons and sort of by Carondelet Park and River Des Peres, and I don't know what else, because I've never really driven farther South past her house when River Des Peres turns into Carondelet...

As for dead grandparents, her husband (who died on The Day Taylor was born!) can be seen how cool he is by looking at this list of his military service record. Look out for the part where his head was run over when he fell off of some sort of truck and he had his ear sewn back on by a Chinese Doc, dirt and all! My grandma is super good at telling that story.

And my dad's mom, well, may she rest in peace with her red lipstick and her lust for Swayze.

Monday, June 16, 2008

crashes and party crashing

The other day before my car got smoky, we fit SEVEN people into my car (unsafe, I know...short distances) and I don't know how it was for Soli or any of the dudes involved but it was comedic...and we crashed an awesome party where only young gay dudes and girls that cared about only things that young gay dudes care about were. They all shunned these weird hoosiery looking dudes for being straight but all my buddies were accepted right away and then we were all commended for our tapes and dance moves.

Oh, what to wear...

Ps- I wasn't particularly planning one way or the other what to wear on the FBC underwear ride, but I guess I've set a precedent of wearing loud clothes, so all of a sudden people are asking me about it. I should make a poll about it that only Rose will vote on because she's probably the only one that reads this. Ha. I feel softer in some places since my mini vacay to Chicago too.....I don't know how that's going to be remedied but I think it'll at least involve a ton of sparkles.

my car took up a smoking habit...

The day before yesterday after an awesome night of swimming with flag day goers (In lieu of going I made some money babysitting!) my car started looking like it was catching on fire or something, like, smoldering billowing smoke/steam coming off the engine. The coolant light had been on for a day or so (I thought it would be cool if I just did minimal driving until I could get it into the dealership but I guess it being about 90something doesn't help) and it just looked like this:

ok I tried to find a picture of a beetle overheating. Instead I found a blog of like imminently defunct technology that is like dressed up as other things. Like a PC wearing a beetle costume. The bumper is the CD drive.

OK. change of theme because uhhh, somehow my search terms for "beetle overheated" and "beetle steam" have both returned me blogs of dweebs. I love it. I never really thought about it before but I guess there is this whole culture of terminator-meets-defunct-or-nearly-defunct-technology (or maybe it just looks like it's wearing a costume) and that people blog about it. And apparently a subculture of this is called SteamPunk.

OH, and here are some ideas of how I could have them customize my engine while they rebuild it...since I figure this means that some serious damage has been incurred. So. Lame.

This is why maybe I need to figure out what I even blog about so that I can maybe come up with some 'thematic' tags! DUDE!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

talk about a time warp...explanations later.

I come from a land down under...

I'm in Chicago to visit Maliea and to see Adam Green play at the Lakeshore Theatre. I was considering going to the Magic Stick show the night before in Detroit, but it was easier to take the megabus here to Chicago than to take my car (that still can't be registered because it failed its emissions test...frustrating on its own) and Courtney, a friend I went to school with, was already planning to come to Chicago for this show, so I had automatic company.

The show was fun and it did sound like the Magic Stick show would have been super worth it... it's a really bizarre place, the only pictures I could find on the internet that begin to describe what kind of place it is were only related to bowling.

but their website is here...and it is a venue/pizza place/karaoke/poolshark HQ/whatever else they could cram into two stories, oh and they have a really creepy hallway...but anyways more later because Maliea and I actually have to leave the house now.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Here Goes...

dude. getting this first one outtathaway so I don't have so much pressure to come up with something "good" to say.

Yesterday, this special longboard came in the mail. I picked it out on ebay and had my mom pay for it for my birthday. It's designed for people who enjoy boarding sports but don't have snowy mountains or an ocean around...it's sort of a douchey toy that you imagine fat dudes thinking are cool, but it's really the only solution I can come up with living in a place like St Louis and wanting to shred.

Shredding is possible on this special longboard because the trucks have like, a pivot point and like, shocks. I don't know, I think it's going to be reallly fun. If anyone makes fun of me, I'll just laugh back because I'll be satisfying a thirst for a certain type of turn that's not really conducive to pavement otherwise.

ok post over i guess--- i totally forgot about editing this post and posting it the day I started it, but I had to get my first post overwith so I can just start shooting the shiiiit.

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