Tuesday, July 29, 2008

oh yeah i found this the other day


it really made me question my career path (LOOK at the salary!)

I hope this post never expires.

First evidence that Anya's dad rules.

Ok, so I know you can't read this when it's small for some reason, but if you click the image it'll get bigger and way easier to read.

It's from a book store that Anya's dad owned in his mid 20s with his friend and he explained that they wrote bibliographies so that people could know where to find more books that were similar to the subject of any particular book that they liked but wanted to know more about the subject and had no idea where to begin. So they compiled these bibliographies to help people find cool things and whatever else...But look at the subjects they compiled bibliographies on. Seriously one of the funnier things I've ever found out about anyone's parents. "childhood, creativity and freedom" is my personal favorite I think. Then again, the fact that they named the store "american Horse" is awesome enough. Especially that it has absolutely nothing to do with books.

Anya's dad gets a tag!

Because he is awesome. My first introduction to her dad in any memorable capacity was when Anya and I were house sitting last summer at her parents' house and I was sitting in the backyard drinking a Rolling Rock (which I guess is the only beer they buy because they like Pittsburgh that much) and smoking a cigarette, and all of a sudden, these little girls come running towards me giggling, and I'm already sort of freaked out because I don't like smoking in front of kids and I sort of got that "uh, are these kids in the wrong backyard, or does this neighborhood just roll like that?" feeling, and then I didn't expect them to talk to me at all.

What these little girls said was "Is Patrick Home?!?!" like, bouncing and winded and excited. I started to wonder if they were at the wrong house, and then I started to wonder if maybe Anya had some brother that she'd never told me about...

So I say "uhh, hold on...let me check..." I peek my head in the door, and hesitantly and confusedly yell, "um, Anya? There are these little girls here and they want to know if Patrick is home and if he is, can he come out to play?"

I also consider momentarily that maybe Anya has a dog or something, since this is the first time I'd been to her parents house. Little girls do get excited over puppies.

Ok, so then Anya I think gets how this has confused me and runs down to talk to the little girls...they sort of look bummed and then they run off...

...explanation please?

"Patrick is my dad...He's friends with all the neighbor kids."

On top of that, I found out at family dinner the other day that he is old friends with a friend I met in Providence's mother. When they were all like about free love and vows of silence and holy shit, it was a funny story. But more on that later, I'm gonna tell this one first. But I'm going to make a new post for it, because this is already long.

I'm so glad that Anya and I have joined one another's families. We deserve it.


I've just got to say...I've been on fire in this department lately. My friend Valentine who I'm going to start making music with just asked me to start one for her, and we'll see if it breaks this good streak or if I take adequate time to make it really awesome.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Slam Dunk?

I texted my friend/1/2 of my fake older brother to declare that before summer's end, I want to find an excuse to rent a dunk tank. I have no idea where we'd put it, but damn are those things fun, both to be in and to be throwing a ball to try to dunk your friends. The possibilities are endless. If there was a way to combine dunk anxiety with KARAOKE, I think that would be like, the best day ever.

Ps- In a google search for maybe a pic, I found a video where they make dunk tanks a sexy activity...hm, I can see that...

Whoever that girl is at the end who keeps her cold beer above the water is a girl who knows what she's doing. Otherwise, I'm both impressed and confused by the weird americana theme with goofy president masks making out with 'hot' girls...it's funny how the dudes get to be anonymous, and the girls aren't that fun looking. The only girl doing anything interesting with the beach ball looks a little too snarly and aggressive to be hot. Okay, now that I feel like comic book guy from the simpsons...i'm going to go out.

Friday, July 25, 2008

My girl likes to PARTY ALL THE TIME!

ok. This is dedicated to Rose. Does anyone else think this video looks sort of like a local commercial for like, Missouri College? It must be the scrubs. Or the fact that St Louis has super good local commercials. Or maybe that it seems to have been shot with a totally great old camera. Hopefully your butt enjoys my gift.

Ps- Can I stick a pizza crust in your butt? Hopefully one day you will answer me in the comments.
PPS- The guy with the beer bong knows what he's doing. He came prepared for the boogie in people's butts party.
PPPS- There are a lot of orange cones in this video..."Hey, your shit's in here, dude..."

pppps--forgot this:

I love you.

Because I said SO...

My first [sort of] boyfriend had this poster in his room and I always thought it was the perfect blend of cuteness for a boy to think cute kittens warrants swearing...but hey, I never think the same way I did when I was 14, right?

So...This sparked a good google image search, which i will share...

cute font, freaky kitten eyes. I really like how someone tried to take credit for 'coming up' with this poster.

cuter font, cuter cat.

does anyone else think this cat [above] looks fetal? plus the font is dumb.

the next is the best:

It's great because that cat is so pissed, he knows that he's doomed. This kitty really reminds me of this cat that Ksteg and I saw when we bought Bismarck in Bishop, CA (in an awesome pet store called Dusty's, it had a wood paneled facade and sign, and the cats were in a terrarium, and they were all rescue kittens and only $25 and Bizzy Bee was rescued from Fish Lake Valley, Nevada, which is ultimately cute, but anyways...) where this kitten in the terrarium with Biz was so grumpy and worried looking I think we were calling him "sad gizmo" or something, and he would put his ears down like a little synchronized swimmer or something, only really depressing. It was definitely one of the cuter things I've ever encountered. Poor little guy.

Had to throw Garfield in there for Good Measure.

This one, however, ruined my search vibes,
or rather it made me realize how much time I was spending on looking up cat posters...

why it burned me, you ask?
The caption was "hang in there and be wise"
heavy. Geh.

ps i really hate it when google image results take you to someone's myspace profile and it takes forever to load.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

So I have this bike...

It's a 1936 Boys Shwinn Shelby and it has the above pattern of pinstriping, in red on a bare frame, and also says "shelby" in sorta like the ed roth font or whatever...I didn't paint it...This dude Fred did. I worked for it when I was 17 for my dad's friend Walter, who I'll probably talk about later, because he's totally one of those people that fueled me with a bazillion stories that are awesome. And he seems to be nonexistent on the internet but that might just be me not looking in the right places. Anyways, Walt owned this building and he was fixing it up and he was really into Indian motorcycles and vintage bicycles and he wanted to have an art gallery, and so it was sort of an art gallery, but not quite...I could probably do it now, now that I have the experience that I've had at White Flag, but then, I was 17 and had no idea what to do except like, do my painting homework for Orange Coast College (yay Pirates!) and hang out and eat free food and hear stories about motorcycles and listen to ideas of half abandoned projects (that I hope one day some of them come to fruition) and listen to cassette tapes. I also made a logo and maybe some other stuff for Flying 'A' Studio (that's what it was called) which I guess I should remember to post on Rose and my blog since it's a blog about logos...maybe I'll go do that instead. That feels more like getting things done than this does. This is just rambling.

Before I go, I'll finish up about the bike. A year and a half or two years ago or however long ago, Walt called me up and was like "Hey, remember that bike you worked for? Since you seem to live in St Louis full time now, I will ship it on the train for you." I gave it to my college advisor's son because I thought he'd do it fast, but he likes different kinds of bikes, and it just laid in their garage for a long time and I'm going to pick it up and ride it [very short distances] around like to the farmers market or something. It's super cute. It has a [can't remember if it's bare/red/both] tank between the two top bars and if you looked inside it, you'd find a ring I made when I was 15 in art class (not the one that I wear every day on my thumb that was made under the same circumstances) and probably some other trinkets or something. It also has red transparent dice as the valve caps, and tires that'll remind you of Valentine's Day. And on the bolt between the handlebars (which are red and goldflecked, mind you) sits...........

See ya!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Should be famous.

He is a ladies' man...
He's a style icon...He is my cat. And he is the best. He taps me on the shoulder sometimes. I can't believe I hadn't made a tag for him yet.

the stars n shit.

my apologies to all my friends in the past week who I've gotten drunk with and asked "okay, what's your birth day/place/time/year?!?!?" and input info into my iphone and then oh lord. Not only am I a dork, apparently I'm your hippie mom too. If anyone likes birth charts, or that link at the bottom that's all 'whats our compatibility?' here's a link to mine, you don't even have to ask.

It all started because I had one too many aquarians in my life and then I was starting to feel like I had daddy issues or something because my dad's an Aquarius, and also a total jerk in love relationships so it seems. Turns out it's just because he's an Aries moon, which makes him kind of a overly sensitive dude who acts like an asshole a lot. Or something. His chart is actually pretty funny, it's like, describing a dude I would never want to hang out with...also funny, because if anyone's dad weren't their dad, some of their stupid traits that you forgive them for wouldn't be so forgivable would they?

Something else that had me going on the compatibility kick thing was that my ex was super duper bummed out when we first started going out and I checked out what gemini and virgo were like together and it was all like "this isn't gonna work out, guys...gemini is an air sign and virgo is an earth sign, gemini is all like, "virgo, you're a stick in the mud!" and virgo is all like, "gemini, why you so flaky girl?" and it turned out that that actually pretty much did describe the obstacles/problems/ultimate not fun breakup ever...so whatevs. Our compatibility chart was actually pretty depressing (albiet it might change if I knew his birth time & may have gotten the place wrong) bc it was all like "you think you belong together, so you try to work out your problems, but really, I mean it, stay the fuck away from one another."

I guess I'm displacing neurosis for not having been single for 3 years and it's really weird flirting and not getting into trouble for it and then dating casually and not being sure where you stand or when to leave something alone, and then along comes a convenient little chart with a cool little drawing talking to you about like, how your [insert planet here] is really conducive to your friend's [insert planet here] getting projects done together and stroking on another's egos and then you find out that her [whatever other planet] isn't a favorable union to your [another planet that you have no idea of it's significance] and you're all like, wtf aren't you going to say something about that to me?

whatever. I'm rambling now because I'm trying to mask this all with a joke. It's all been fun to read though, and everyone gets really into it no matter how much they say they aren't. Hopefully this party trick ends soon, I'm starting to annoy myself.

But seriously, check out our compatibility?!?!

Ps- ceviche recipe.

Also I subscribe to cooksillustrated.com, which is so fucking awesome you wouldn't believe it. With your subscription, you get access to every recipe they've ever published, and if there's a complex instruction, they usually have an illustration or a tutorial in there to help out. Like in this ceviche recipe, it has a little illustration on how to remove the muscle from the scallop. Excellent!

Something else that's rad is that you can click on this link that says "shopping list" and it gives you a shopping list (broken down into categories like "produce" and "dry/pantry goods") for the recipe, and if you put a set of recipes in your "favorites" and then press 'shopping list'--it gives you a shopping list for all of your 'favorites'--which you know, you can change and everything, so if you're going shopping to throw a dinner party it's fucking awesome.

Can I marry cooks illustrated?

HERE's That EPIC ceviche action: (they even give you helpful advice before you get really into it...am I getting turned on?)

Fresh seafood and freshly squeezed lime and lemon juice are essential for this dish. Be sure to pat all seafood dry with paper towels so that any moisture does not water down the marinade. Our favorite fish for this dish include salmon, tuna, halibut, sea bass, and sole. Slicing the seafood into pieces no thicker than 1/3 inch is important for even cooking; super-thin fish fillets (such as sole, flounder, or tilapia) are the easiest to use, as they require the least amount of prep. Heat is not used to cook the fish in this dish—the acid in the citrus juice firms it and makes it opaque. Add the avocado just before serving to prevent it from breaking down and coating everything with its green color.

This recipe was published in our cookbook The Best International Recipe

1 pound extra-large shrimp (21 to 25 per pound), large sea scallops, skinless fish fillets, or a combination
1 teaspoon grated lime zest from 1 lime
1/2 cup juice from 4 limes
1/2 cup juice from 4 lemons
1 small red bell pepper , stemmed, seeded, and chopped fine
1 jalapeño chile (small), stemmed, seeded, and minced
1 medium garlic clove , minced or pressed through a garlic press (about 1 teaspoon)

1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil
4 scallions , sliced thin
1 cup cherry tomatoes , quartered
3 tablespoons minced fresh cilantro leaves
1/2 teaspoon sugar
1 ripe avocado , pitted and diced fine

Ground black pepper

See Illustrations Below: Removing the Muscle From the Scallop

1. If using shrimp, peel them completely, devein, and slice each shrimp in half lengthwise using a paring knife (through the deveined groove in the back). If using scallops, remove the side tendon (see illustration below) and slice into 1/3-inch-thick rounds. If using fish, remove any bones and slice into 1-inch squares about 1/3 inch thick.2. Stir the lime zest, lime juice, lemon juice, bell pepper, jalapeño, garlic, and 1/2 teaspoon salt together in a medium bowl. Gently stir in the seafood, cover with plastic wrap, and refrigerate until the seafood is firm, opaque, and appears cooked, 45 to 60 minutes, stirring halfway through the marinating time.3. Place the mixture in a fine-mesh strainer, leaving it a little wet, then return to the bowl. Gently stir in the oil, scallions, tomatoes, cilantro, and sugar followed by the avocado. Season with salt and pepper to taste before serving.

STEP BY STEP: Removing the Muscle From the Scallop

The small, rough-textured, crescent-shaped muscle that attaches the scallop to the shell is often not removed during processing. You can readily remove any muscles that are still attached. If you do not, they will toughen slightly during cooking.

I think I have a problem.

Today Anya told me "NO MORE bagel bites!" She then told me to come over to her mom's for some vegetables and protein. Now, while I understand that these are pretty much all I eat, I also made a mean ceviche with Valentine on Wednesday. Everyone got drunk and gobbled it up.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


So I got a bunch of pictures off of Rose's computer because my internet is faster and her computer has no memory so everyone can get off her back about not putting pictures she took of them on the internet. Brought my little 4 GB jump drive over there and got some pics up. They're on my Picasaweb thing (which is like connected to your google account so it's way better than flickr because all yr blog pics go onto there if you upload any, and then it gives you wayy way more free storage space I think...) and here are the links to it.



I totally am going to make a mass amount of pesto this summer with anya's parents' basil. And their parsley. I've thought about so much to post about the past few days...but I gotta get that thing set up that I can email posts to myself or whatever...

Anyways, last summer when 2 of my friends from high school came to visit me last summer, I made an awesome vegan pesto using a lot more sea salt and a touch of nutritional yeast to imitate the flavor by the parmesan reggiano or whatever cheese other people use in their pesto. I found the recipe written down in an old moleskine notebook that I saved, but I don't understand why I wrote everything down in ounces and then didn't correct the units I probably converted the first time i made it too (because I definitely don't have a scale) and from looking around I found a really good website for unit conversion and really a whole lot of other stuff...here's the page on hazelnuts that I found it from.

There was also something totally confusing about the recipe...I had 'red wine' '1-8 fl oz reduction with 2 shallots' written down in the middle of it and then a box around it, and I have no idea whether this means that it's significant, or that I actually did that, or if it's for something else entirely...totally weird...maybe that's because it's the secret ingredient and I was drinking wine that night and totally became infatuated with shallots at the time...I have no idea...but I thought I'd share the recipe, even though I kind of want to keep it to myself and come up with packaging and sell my pesto at the farmer's markets or something...whatever, it'd probably just end up being gifts anyways.

Heather's zesty basil hazelnut pesto (yeah i was drunk when i named it clearly)

-fresh basil 3 oz ish
-fresh parsley 1 oz ish (I like flat parsley)
-garlic 2-3 cloves
-toasted hazelnuts 4 oz
-[parm cheese 4 oz]/ extra amounts of sea salt [coarse ground] with nutritional yeast to taste for vegans.
-[here's the weird part about the red wine reduction w/ shallots]
-EV olive oil 8 fl oz/1 cup
-toasted pine nuts 1.5-2 oz [i definitely added this part and I still wanna know how I knew ounce-age without a scale!]
-lemon zest [to taste--usually I put a ton of it in whatever I'm making, it's magic]
-juice of 1/2 lemon.

That's it...I'm not sure if I'm making it with the wine this time, but I'll write about how it turns out.

I should also mention that I usually grind nuts alone before doing anything else because otherwise they turn into nut butter from the oil or they don't grind properly...
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