Sunday, August 31, 2008

don't know if this is the original video but it rules.

Yeah, I really like this video, and I don't know whether or not a fan made it or if it was made around when the song was released but it rules.

Friday, August 29, 2008

holy shit [on my leg]

My friend Peter told me he saw me in this video the other day...I knew the concert was being filmed but this was a little embarassing...I started blushing and cracking up all at the same time within the first minute or whatever. Geez. What's funny about this is that my friend Claire and her boyfriend Paul pushed me up there because we had spent the few prior songs trying to figure out how his equipment was all hooked up. Once on his knee, I got a close look and it was pretty much 2 of those light up sampler synthy things that like,Val from Unicorn Hard On uses and stuff hooked up to a thing that had two foot pedals to trigger different combos of samples and whatever. They got to reap the benefits of being audio dorks because I wasn't shy enough to say no when they pushed me up there. Thank god I had a beer to hold onto or else I don't know what would've acted as security blanket. Phew.

THIS USED TO BE EMBEDDED BUT IT GOT FUCKING's the link to see the video of me sitting on bob log's leg with some asian girl also from the crowd while we're at the show. Enjoy.


White Flag is putting me in started out with funny pictures Stephen Jehle took of me and Matt going "holy shit I'm gonna send this to Tim [Barber of Tiny Vices]!!!" and I don't actually have that picture (wherein I look kind of ACTUALLY retarded and am eating a corn dog and Soli is eating soup next to me) or the ones that he took of me riding the bull on New Years Eve either, but here are the summer ones that top it off for poster child status.

our first showposter of the season [sans info] --Opening reception is on September 20th and Pepe Mar is the sculptor depicted on the poster in the poster, it's his show. It's called "Who needs guitars anymore?"

As you can see, I got to smash a guitar. And look like some sort of freaky executioner. We have a ton of these posters and the text on the colored side is pretty great, and the B&W side just says at the bottom...anyone who wants one let me know, we have something like 2,000 so yeah.
This picture is why I've been wearing tights all summer actually, because I bruise easily and mosquitos love me and I ride bikes and play outside this my legs look like shit and Matt thought it was funny with his new digital camera. Stephen said "I've seen better looking legs on crack whores" I've heard that said about many things but this was the only time where I started to consider that it might be true. Now this picture is used with the caption "now accepting intern applications" funny, right?
This next one sorta takes the cake, and also is sorta the most embarassing. For Tighty Whitey, our end of season party--which was an underwear party--I was kind of at a loss of what kind of crazy outfit to come up with because I'd felt I set this standard for like, outdoing myself all summer and was sick and tired and partied out and had already had an underwear bike ride to come up with a good outfit for , so I ended up buying letters and present bows on the scrapbooking aisle at target, shiny nude high waist grandma panties and matching gurdle, also from target, pasties and sparkle dust at a stripper store, recycling this sparkly necklace and eyelashes I never used on Halloween, and just kind of going with it. Because of this, the dude that was taking pictures from the RFT actually avoided me all night, my friend Jamie Bayer took this photo, and now it's going in our ad in fuggin ARTFORUM MAGAZINE...this month's issue. I wonder if my professors will give me some sort of credit for having my boobs in ArtForum. Sorry Mom?

found this on someone's blog

the title of the blog entry was "this is what you see when you die"...brilliant.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ok now kick me off my computer. Now.

The other night at the Livers show Lee had this really funny coozy that another friend made for him because he's pissed at our local weekly rag for reasons that I'm not sure I'm the person at liberty to reveal...I thought it was cool on several levels. Kinda reminds me of something that'd be in this book I bought recently that I can't really find right now on designers making their 2d concepts and executing them with 3d means [i'll get back to it, it fucking rules]...and also of this book I have wanted for a while called HAND JOB.

Also at Rue13 I noticed that they have this neon sign, and that was pretty much the only actual thing that rose and I made a logo for...I don't even know which one of us has the drawing but I guess I have to scan it in now that this drink we made a whole other name for actually has a freakin promotional neon sign...

Then I saw this flashy yellow thing with the funniest license plate. I hope it's someone really cheesy that's really into yoga culture but like really really into it...but they have a yellow car.

Ok I really can't say much else but be excited for a super funny post tomorrow, a little embarrassing for me actually. Well half awesome and half embarrassing. I'd at least be embarassed that my mom and family will be able to see it. I guess it won't be surprising to anyone who's myspace friends with the gallery I work for, but maybe surprising to anyone that didn't know that all three sets of pictures are me.

more taylor and type.

The other week we went to a show at apop and I made her pose with some cute old books and then we saw these two gems of record covers hanging out together.

meant to post these a while ago.

The building in St Louis where Pace Framing is has a super cool elevator and one of those weird mail tubes that you can see on every floor. Taylor dorks out over type and whatever also. If you know any cute young single professionals that aren't dweebs let me know so I can set her up on a date. She's super cute, she's been working at white flag with me all last season and now she has her first design job at Arcturis downtown...***

also I have all these weird drafts that when I go back to them they sort of publish themselves back in time, so maybe when I have some time I'll republish them. I have some really good pictures from a river trip I took a while ago that I'll have to write about, it was way fun.

***Taylor: sorry if you read this and get embarassed. I'm totally going to make up personal ads for you. I'm going to end/start by posting that super hot picture of you.
Maybe we'll make some webisodes of awkward dates if anyone ends up like, clicking your tag after I post more adventures together...which I imagine we'll be having since we go back to work at white flag in a matter of days.

SO relieved to be back in school.

I've been so braindead and flaky all summer, I'm so ready to make this shift! It was so nice to be back in a group environment with other design students, in a structured environment where we'll all be working on projects with the same sorts of deadlines and what not. Super cool.

Ashley was no where to be found today but I'm still gonna try to talk her into going with me next week if she still wants to take this class. It's so weird how something so little like a few hours of class and a conversation with my professor could make everything feel a little more put together, but I'm really glad that it made me feel that way.

The one thing I hate about first classes though--besides the obligatory reading of the syllabus and how you never get an inbetween kind of professor, you either get one that's uber prepared to start teaching material the second after the syllabus is over, or the kind that's like 'okay, well that's all for tonight, thank you all for driving all the way out here and class is out early tonight!'---is the go around the room and introduce yourself and what you're all about in short. This might be interesting or revealing to some people, but for someone as loud and [lets face it-] annoying as me, it mostly just works against me...I never know what to say and half the time end up rambling about like, my history as a student or something...when I had my motion class I said something about having switched from printmaking to graphic design and then I was doomed for that being the driver for examples in stories of how things are like printmaking. barf.

I think those sorts of icebreaker questions are good for quiet or shy people that you wouldn't necessarily know what they were good at or what their personality was like until we have critique or a discussion wherein their opinion is explicitly asked--but I mean more often than not whatever I'm saying is loud enough for all 8 people to hear, whether I'm trying to include everyone or whatever. It's probably uncomfortable for everyone...I just hate trying to guage a room of people for what's appropriate to say to such broad questions as "so, what did everyone do this summer and when do you graduate?" you're probably barfing, right?

Anyways, it was still good and whatever else and I'm super stoked about having things to work on and project ideas that will send me into a flurry of discovering cool design blogs and send me on weird google image searches. This makes it a lot easier than going through emails I've sent myself of links and stuff like that. I only wish I had a blog last Spring. Or do I...then anyone that read it would've had to go through The Disaster breakup with me. yeah...maybe it's better this way.

Speaking of which...I got a little bummed out driving home because usually I'd call my [now ex] boyfriend and gush about how excited I was and then go home and watch a movie or bounce around the room while he listened and laughed at me being excited or something unless he was busy having a friend over to look at records or something. Now all the boys I know I either feel like I'd be bothering them or calling them too much or sending a message I don't want to send to a friend or whatever else it is that single boys think from a phone call. Whatever. I have too much free time to bug my friends. Soon I guess I'll have homework and it'll be all better. I'm getting off the computer for the evening!

Excited for class tonight

I'm going to go pick up Ashley pretty soon and we're heading to Webster to take Jon C's DIY class together. We're teaming up because Ashley doesn't know much about the computer but she's got great ideas and we are friends anyways so the aesthetic compromises we'll be making working together probably aren't going to be so super different it won't look like us'll be pretty cool I imagine.

I'm really excited because usually my ideas for projects assigned by this particular professor usually drive me on super fun google image searches and they get real far fetched and I usually find some pretty rad stuff. It's gonna be awesome. SEE YA!

summer=officially over

no crazy elaborate closing ceremony with acrobats and bells...wait, that just makes me want to talk about the Olympics. I should have been writing about this on Sunday, but whatever. For those of you who missed the olympic closing ceremony, look it up on youtube or something, because you missed out...pretty much throughout the first British segment the costuming was pretty horrid, like they were trying to make all these dancers' costumes look like teenage street clothes with some sort of funky 'edge'-- and that just made me blush...but they did have this super cool double decker bus that opened up 'like a flower' [said my Grandma] and they had these little girls who won contests or scholarships or something to be part of the was cute I guess. They also had Jimmy Page shredding while uhhh whatserface Leona popstar that all our moms probably bought her CD singing along to 'whole lotta love' on a huge rising podium [all on top of this bus] and this gold trained party dress that wrapped around the rising podium...when the podium lowered she took the train part off her dress and started dancing next to Jimmy Page.

At this moment I realized that I was watching with my mother and my grandmother and that the closed captioning was on...and then I thought about that lyric that's like 'I'm gonna give you every inch of my love' and how that would make us all feel if we had to all read it together at the same delayed moment and then maybe we'd have to like, talk about it or something...basically I'm just glad for everyone in the room that they decided against singing that line. Phew.

My mom made some really funny comment along the lines of "I wonder why they're not singing 'Stairway to Heaven'...but then again, I guess it would be kind of a bummer if they were singing about suicide..."

funny, mom. But the ending of the British sequence was totally funny because the NBC commentators were just hilarious...there was this airplane stairwell, and they were like "now, these aren't real athletes, these are actors going on the airplane they're looking off into the distance and they realize that it's finally time to say goodbye to their Chinese friends."

It was so cheesy it was awesome.

Man, I almost don't even want to talk about the Chinese segment though, because that was fucking brilliant. They really are hip on their shit of integrating technology and art and performance and whatever else. They pretty much made a whole Cirque de Soleil production just for the closing ceremony. Of course they had their cheesy popstars with terrible outfits, but they were just so ON for the rest of everything else. They even managed to like, educate the world on Chinese mom kept spouting off facts about how there are over 100 different ancient cultures and ethnicities and 'oh my how diverse and interesting' and my Grandma kind of said some racist things that I couldn't tell if she knew they were racist or not...but the point is, the Chinese know how to throw a fuggin Olympics.

One of my first clues that they had their best and brightest working on every small aspect of how they ran the show was their mascot choice...they had that little panda/hello kitty hybrid mascot with Grecian olive leaf headband...very smart design. They had several different variations on them, and even have backstories.

I say this with complete authority because I don't know how many other people I know were actually kids during the Summer Olympics when they were in Atlanta in '96...but when there are Olympics on and you have all the time in the world to come back from swimming or riding your bike or just having a bored day or your new tourist friends went back home from family vacation or whatever, you kinda follow the Olympics TV coverage, and I just remember being REALLY disappointed that this big awesome thing that was happening in the country I lived in got this stupid ass blue blob thing with stupid cartoon tennis shoes and a really lazy attempt at integrating the Olympic Rings....see's name was IZZY. Come on now people! Look how dorky and ugly he is!

Compare mascot coolness/successfulness/cuteness/cuddlyness/sportiness/whatever else here.

Mom was also freaking out about Michael Phelps. I've got to admit, I've got a bit of a crush, or at least admiration...she told me this story about how he started swimming because he was a super ADHD kid with too much energy and people made fun of him for being double jointed and having big ears and Now he's a hero to the world...and he's only 1 year older than me. I was like "wait...I had big ears and I've got crazy ADHD and my elbows hyperextend...he's sorta like me but he's a hero."

I think I'm done talking about this. I've said too much. All I know is it was super badass that my mom invited me over to my Grandma's to watch the closing ceremony and she texted me "come over, bring a pizza"...she might as well have said "bring beer and funny coozies and all your friends!"

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

public access rules.

I really wish that KDHX would use their TV stations for local crazies to showcase silly things. We'd all have talk shows and it'd be a wonderful world where we all watch too much TV.

cookies for breakfast???

except that it's not breakfast and I woke up after noon today. damn girl. better do something to make for a more productive day...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Handle Me With Care

The Traveling Wilburys are great. I finally bought the album after a while of having that song stuck in my head. I really like the idea of four seasoned superstars acting more humble than you'd the supergroup happened on accident sort a short description's a good story.
Even better:

It's really surprising that since like, actually 5 dudes, all predominant songwriters--as in, that's what made them famous legends or all gets my imagination going. I like how in the video of the true story of the Wilburys, George Harrison says that it happened by magic and then goes on to suggest that maybe it was a full moon or something.

I also really like how Roy Orbison has his motorcycle in the video. So dreamy.

Band comprised of Roy Orbison, George Harrison, JEFF LYNN from Electric Light Orchestra, Tom Petty, and BOB DYLAN. It was one of those things that when I found out about them, I was like "HOW did I not know about this? How come no one told me?" 

So I thought I'd share the magic.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I need a magic hat.


What an absolute gem.

The description is so good I'm just going to copy and paste it directly:

Victor Kiswell is so happy to present you the legendary "La femme faux cils", taken from Erotissimo, a French movie from the late 60's dealing with the question of eroticism in the advertising. Sung by Annie Girardot.

Marianne Faithfull is so punk.

Even as an old lady.

This kinda reminds me of when I saw Exene Cervenka and she sounded exactly the same but looked reaaaalllly old. With Marianne Faithfull, it's weird because her voice used to be different, and then one day it changed and it's been exactly the same ever since? I guess it was her drug use that changed her voice.

Why are tragic girls with bangs so cool? (like Françoise Hardy, I'll talk about her another time)
part 1 of an interview:

part 2:

How great is it that she corrected the interviewer about casual sex vs promiscuity...and how she stresses having fun, ha. I also really like how she said she spent 5 1/2 years in the program and she "needed a little brainwashing" at the time. That was pretty good. She's pretty graceful and realistic, how she keeps admitting that it just happens to be unfortunate that something she did or acted in or sang about glamorized unhealthy behavior or whatever. She's also descended from some sort of Austrian Royalty or something in addition, which is pretty funny.

Also very hilarious is she stars in this movie that I saw and really liked (unfortch it's not on DVD in this region code) called "Girl on a Motorcycle" but I had no idea that they had also marketed it as "Naked Under Leather" as you see in this trailer:

The movie has some really great psychedelic effects and even better-- I knew I'd seen the opening credits SOMEWHERE-- and it turns out that I had...


I once had a professor say that R&D doesn't stand for "research and development" but rather "ripoff and duplicate" ...Pretty good.

A sign that I need to leave the house.

What's weird about this is that my all caps handwriting doesn't look that much different forwards and backwards. Did you know that some women use their photobooth for makeup application because it does this? I tried it once, it's not terribly effective or efficient because of the delay. Why wouldn't they just bring a small mirror if you're going to be doing your makeup at your workstation?

Overeager and Hyperactive.

Dude, I need my real medication back again, I'm sort of acting like I do when I'm just plain off my meds. Persistence will be my downfall in many ways.

I also really have had a super sweet tooth and need to chill out on the sugar. Especially soda and carbonated juices.

New widget!

I love webapps and widgets and silly things like that.

I hate having them on your profile on social networking websites, because it's mostly just a whole lot of clutter to sift through, but I think Scrobbling is way cool, and is really awesome because you feel like you've got your own personal billboard charts, and their recommendations for similar artists is really accurate and usually includes like, artists' side projects and stuff like that, and since I've joined it's gotten all way high tech with tags and videos and tells you if a band is 'on tour' and in your scrobbler app it opens up when you open up itunes, and it has a link for amazon mp3 store for whatever you're playing. In theory i guess this feature is a little useless if you already own the song, but if it's the only song you have by that artist, it's an easy link to sampling their other songs!

Woah that was a mouthful. Sorry if that was hard to read.

Also cool, is that you can 'love tracks' which is kind of like a really simple form of tagging, it just entails clicking on a little heart icon. It's super. I'm a big fan. I put all my mixtapes that I made this summer on there. I don't know how much of them you can actually listen to, but the track listings are there at least. I really like the interface. They recently went through a site revamp, and at first it was a little confusing, but today for some reason I figured out how to navigate it really well.

I'm really happy that people pay attention to navigation design more these days. Sigh.

Rose told me about another cool music thing a while ago but I forgot what it was, but somehow you could access like 6 people's libraries. I can think of six people I'd like to get inside their libraries. One being Miss Ksteg.

On another unrelated note, I wonder what the protected file restrictions are on the amazon bought tracks.

Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm about to go to cementland

which I guess in theory I shouldn't be blogging about but in theory I could also have some pictures of it later.

I also just made the best vodka drink ever (thanks to some other stuff in my fridge) and then SPILLED the best drink ever by making the best open faced sandwich ever, which reminded me of sandwiches my Uncle Brian used to make my cousins Vanessa and Lindsy Donahue (i know, that's where i got that name, duhr) both before and after we got super beat up by waves and or boats on beach and or lake vacations...oh i should mention that the drink was spilled by my GIANT bag of sprinkle cheese (cheddar, duh)

sorry, got sidetracked. Must have been the drink I replaced. But anyways. the Cheddar...spilled the drink...then Chilton (who spills drinks all the time) went running away giving me a look like I was going to blame him, and it was super funny, because both of us knew it wasn't his fault. Or maybe not, he is a cat after all.

Maybe I've like, flicked him on the nose for spilling liquid that wasn't his fault before ...he looked like he had something to do with it...anyways, I should get going, I bet this party is about to be over or something. I've been dilly dallying so much that I'm not even hungry for the rest of this sandwich anymore.



I have a feeling it's gonna be just like the Flintstones meet the Jetsons.

Really, I'm just really obsessed with that concept.

I actually went to watch the whole movie on YouTube today after I read that this was the concept.

See everyone tomorrow. I can't wait. I'm actually gonna get there early, and maybe by then I'll have done my chain dealio up and can ride my brand new bike that is as old as me. It's really too bad that I already wore my burgundy leotard on a ride because that would probably match my new bike pretty well. But If I REALLY match it, then I'll probably disappear into the night. With so many people on the Ramble, I'm kind of scared of this, or really that I already have a huge problem getting lost, how am I gonna deal with this? I also wonder how Peat is going to count or what/who/when he is going to count. Whatever, see you at turtle park.

Oh yeah it's Anya's Bday today!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISSY MISS!

THEY CAME!!!!!!!

and I was so excited over it, I made a little photobooth comic strip about it.
I'd like to thank DHL for having that sign for leaving packages at your door option! Today is gonna be like Xmas, because I am also waiting for the other Centurion to come today! It's from the year I was born!!! UPS left me a note for the past two days.

posing with the box cutter [and my apartment's clutter]

posing with the box cutter [and my apartment's clutter]

for a sec I thought I got ripped off and he gave me a discount because he wasn't giving me the fork. :(

then I felt like kind of a spaz when I realized the fork was just well hidden in the box and I was too excited.

then I had to pretend that the frame was an air guitar and the fork was the biggest tuning fork I'd ever seen...Yeah...
ok so now I think I have to part with my dumb heavy bike in order to have room for my sleek light fast Japanese bikes. Especially since the Lotus I am borrowing from my friend Konstaintin is gonna stay here while he goes to New York for a while. At least now I have a use for my back room! Brakhage likes my frame too, I bet he likes the triangles and stuff between the letters and how it shimmers and stuff like that...or maybe he's rolling his eyes at the camera...I can't tell...he's a cat. [Notice how big and fat he is compared to that frame]

So then FULL BIKE arrived!

I was pleased to see that dude left the handlebars on AND he put all this cute free stuff in the box.
I knew he was a good dude by his ebay listing. He even included caged pedals that went with the bike (he had the Shimano clip pedals listed, but not that he was going to include those) and also two tire changing tools and a wrench for changing the pedals, as well as like, really nice detailed directions of how to reassemble the bike. It was so nice! He even put his cell phone number and then (just in case) at the end of it. He also didn't strip any of the sweet extras that you normally wouldn't include in a bicycle you're selling to a stranger, like a water bottle cage, a COMPUTER CLOCK, an air pump, and yeah, like I said, the clippy pedals AND regular cage pedals...What a sweet dude, I feel like I have a really cool uncle that just sent me a present or something! Here is the original listing, read the description and the questions and how he answers the questions, it's all far too adorbs.

I DID IT!!!!!!
(I still have to figure out how to put the chain around the little derailer sprockets but I'll just look at how it works on my other bike and maybe I can do it all by myself and feel super proud! Okay okay, so the wheels were quick release and everything, but I put the pedals on and I've never done any of that! I just started riding a road bike like, last week! I feel like I can actually be trusted to take care of a bicycle now!)

So there I am, all covered in grease, ready to party as soon as someone shows me whatever little trick there is to pulling the derailer back and threading the chain through the sprockets. Maybe I feel too weird about it because I'm getting all greasy...The Brake Levers are this pretty pearly brown, kind of like the frame but more coppery, and the hoods are a little old and hard, so I already bought some pink HÜDZ on ebay. yay.

Maybe It'll be ready for tomorrow!!!!!

this photo reminded me of a few of my friends all rolled up into one...

i love my friends.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

WOW is the best thing ever.

I want to hang out with the girl who is conducting the interviews. I'm SO also going to ask Cody Ranaldo if he's seen his dad and half sibling in this video, that's pretty good right? Dads are so cool. So are cats. My ex boyfriend had a student who was super adorable and all I did when I volunteered in his classroom is talk to her about cats...she also had all sorts of shirts with cats on them, a good example is where the cat was dressed as Uncle Sam. I have a really cute picture of her and another classmate doing impressions of cats where they are trying to scratch their heads with their feet, but I'm not going to post it because I don't know their parents, and I don't want to be posting compromising pictures of anyone's children on the internet until I have my own children to humiliate. Enjoy the video!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My followup proportion commentary

from the post about Equinox the really good example is Dennis Waterman of the BBC3 show Little Britain.

The Wikipedia list of Little Britain characters describes him as:

Dennis Waterman

Played by: David Walliams
Appearances: Series 1 and 2 and Little Britain Live
Catchphrase: "So they want me to star in it, write the feem toon (i.e. “theme tune”), sing the feem toon..."
Dennis Waterman is a minute actor who, unfortunately, never gets a part because he insists he should "write the feem toon, sing the feem toon" in every part he gets, much to the dismay of his theatrical agent, Jeremy. Ironically, when he is offered to reprise a role in a tv series in which he indeed gets to "write the feem toon, sing the feem toon," if he accepts, he mutters "no thanks, I've moved on." He is very short, as seen when Jeremy hands him something small, such as a 50p coin or a letter, that turns out to be larger than Dennis.

He bears little resemblance to the real Dennis Waterman, except that his 'feem toons' are based on the Minder theme tune that Waterman did write and sing himself (among others). The real Dennis Waterman has been quoted as saying "I did watch it, but I never saw that bit. I just saw a lot of some bloke dressed up as a woman".

The Little Britain Live stage show included a mock ad-lib sequence in which Lucas and Walliams question the logic of their caricature, which in fact bears little resemblance to Waterman. In a recent special recording of the sketch for Comic Relief 2007, Waterman himself appears on stage and confronts the two, forcing them to admit that in voice and appearance, there is no resemblance. He is forced to concede that he has often written and sung the "feem toon" of programmes in which he has appeared.

all of the sketches take place while he's visiting his agent, described as:

Jeremy Rent

Played by: Matt Lucas
Appearances: Since Series 1
Jeremy is Dennis Waterman’s theatrical agent who, while on the phone, at the slightest hint of disagreement, shouts the last word and hangs up the phone.

Dennis Waterman's singing reminds me of every time I try to ask people if they remember a theme song of a show (Maliea and Anne should remember this when we were walking around and I was trying to remember Hanging with Mr Cooper's theme song...) or ask someone if they know a song I know but I can't think of a proper way to describe it and all of a sudden I start singing like a tone deaf, that's the other reason I love that particular set of sketches...aside from the proportion humor.

Remind me to post about my other favorite show on BBC3, which is why I can't truly ever enjoy Flight of the Concords, because The Mighty Boosh is way more radical.

Monday, August 11, 2008

I love my [non] job.

I just got a text from my boss at White Flag Projects asking how I'd feel about "some semi-anonymous modeling next week for our first show poster?" The qualifier was even cooler, but since everything that happens is supposed to be some big secret, and apparently it's for our first show of the season poster, I'll just show you after the pictures are taken or when the press release goes out.

I responded: "Into it, duh."

I really wish I got an excuse to do styling work for someone other than just my friend Jamie that one time and on someone other than myself really. I'd be good at it...mostly because I don't really own like, real clothes or anything...

wow, I guess I'm not crazy because I'm in love with a tomato.

It turns out there's like an heirloom tomato worship circle around the internet. I totally found someone's blog that ACTUALLY said something about writing a poem to a tomato. Yes, they are that good. For those unfamiliar, here are some pictures.

ps- i'm not taking credit for that comic sans ms. Duh.

Pretty sexy, huh? [I can't tell if I was serious there or not]

I guess I actually may or may not have any idea of what my favorite kind is actually called, but some of them that look like one's I'd buy are mostly purple reddish with green...sunkisses?

Ok, I'm really really trying not to sound like an old hippie here. Especially ever since Anya's dad told me about a book that was called "Where the Wild Asparagus Grows" or something like that, which he brought out when we were all professing our love for asparagus, which is where that American Horse bookmark fell out of. Whatever.

Here's two pictures I took of my favorite thing to make in the summer with Heirlooms:
Reader, meet caprece salad a la doe hands. Also, this has made me realize that I should take pictures of everything I cook! If presentation matters, and no one is around to see it, and I post blogs about things I cook...then why not? Or rather, why didn't I think about this before?

But anyways, since most fancy heirlooms run super expensive and Schnuck's carries a cheaper heirloom called "ugly ripe" which just look like regular red tomatoes but they look like mutant tomatoes, I mostly go for those.

As for how to prepare this, I might have to explain another time, maybe I'll follow up with like, step by step product placement pics. That might be funny, right? But really I just have to run.

A movie I watched the other night...


The description for this movie when I pressed "info" was:
(1970), [two stars] About monsters, devil worship, and the supernatural.

showtime's show times for this movie
the second video's description pretty much just said they posted a 9 minute movie about the special effects in the movie, but really it could be described as the highlights of that movie as well. The plot isn't too terribly opaque or complicated, but I just love how the proportions of the live action footage when used WITH the stop motion footage compares to the footage where it's all stop motion and they're trying to emulate the figures from the live action footage...I think the easiest to notice is when that big monster is trying to get at the book, when he can't get to it, the book is pretty minuscule, or so it seems. When the book is in claymation, I guess they had to sacrifice proportion in order for it to look detailed enough or something, because it gets about 3 times its size, hehe. Same goes for when people turn into claymation, but there's something totally endearing about the gifts that bad effects has lent to art. Examples to come, like in a few posts, because I've got a really good example.

I also really like how when the park ranger dude assumes picnic hero #1's friend's (I guess I could call him picnic hero #2?) form, and then turns into a claymation devil, just how archetypal the devil they chose to's so bad it fucking rules. It's super metal, just look at dude's wings and triforked tail!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Not having enemies is so awesome

This girl who used to hate me and I used to hate her a while ago...earlier this week, she low fived me, and last night, she called me. We both pretty much went "it's about time, we have all the same friends." It was cool. I love people.

Friday, August 8, 2008

everything rules right now AKA How Our Trip to Six Flags Went.

my sunglasses broke on the way, I was so overexcited...when Peetr picked me up he already had Rose and Sean in the car and I was bouncing around listening to ABBA and had my backpack packed up with capri suns and baby carrots. I knew that I might have been so over excited at the beginning of the day that I would crash on the way back to the car or something, but I actually didn't crash at all, just spent a much needed night in, which was the most awesome thing ever, especially since I had good company.

Here's some [not pictured] highlights of our day:
-Rose and Sean BOTH lost their hats on the FIRST coaster we went on.

-THE WATER PARK: holy fucking shit. Seriously. They have this ride that should be called "totally tubular" with a disclaimer of "oh wait, you have to wait in this really long line that makes you really sleepy and hungry and crabby but then you get a tube for four and have to haul it up some stairs and see a lot of rude teenagers and kids being mean to their moms [I know, also not fun] and then it's finally time to shred some serious gnar because we're gonna shoot you into a giant funnel that you will get way closer to the kind of inertia that you figured out when you swung a bucket of water around when you were a kid and be totally freaked out but also have the hugest smile on your face and be on a tube with 3 of your awesome friends and then you get to go under a waterfall and giggle about it all the way back to buying pizza that is way too much money but you don't care because you're all awesome."

-yeah, i know I'm a spazz. Basically I just wish I had a waterproof digital camera like my friend Adela.

Ok, so now for the pictured highlights.
This kid puked in a trash can and his mom was rubbing his back. Too bad when I took the picture that little girl was moving in line...But you can imagine how he looked since his hand is flung over the top of the trash can. Also note that everyone but the little girl blocking the view is checking out the kid blowing chunks...poor kid.
Peetr went there.
There was this point in line that had the coaster going right over us, and Rose looked super cute and excited and I like this picture a lot. This is also about 10 feet past the point where the kid was puking, so I imagine that he was scared by exactly what Rose is excited about. I guess you could say that about a lot of things in life.

Rose decides that Peet needs sunscreen on his spot. There was another picture of the same thing where Peetr looks like "I feel so patronized right now" is written all over his face but this one was better...

Peetr knew like, everything secret about six flags, like that this ad board was the only one with this button that says "Press to Refresh" and then misters start up...when we all were so excited about it, he was like "I know! I always feel like I should tell everyone who walks past me about it!" It was cute.This is why the macro function on the camera is so captures mist stuck in moustaches!

Then Rose had a weird mist dusting and she was so cute she was acting like she didn't believe us that the mist thing was happening to her face I had to take a picture of it.
At some point I started taking pictures of signs and stuff, mostly the warning things because the NO diagrams were so funny, but this was so pretty I put this one here instead.Peetr was also several other enjoyment poses, since everything that has a moustache that's a drawing or like, anything inanimate really that has a while I did happen to have my camera, we had to reenact.
SO-- the part that I REALLY wished I had a waterproof camera was when we went on that totally tubular slide funnel thing, but afterwards we all got pizza, and Rose sat in some funnel cake powdered sugar on her butt and elbow from the picnic bench, so duh...picture...
Also at some point we went on "thunder river" which didn't have one of those things that you can store all the things you don't want to get wet, so instead I spent the entire ride holding my fanny pack to my chest and dodging that part of my body from getting soaked. We all got soaked anyways, but at least my iPhone isn't waterlogged. Our boat totally filled up with water though.
I thought that this was super cute, horses and unicorns and I was talking about how the new care bears are weird looking, and then I noticed that sunshine bear had that cute little cap with the bill flipped up on, and it made me think of my friends.
After that, I noticed a sign that said "everyone gets a cape JUST FOR TRYING!" for one of those games that we'd otherwise be avoiding, and then we all ran to see how much it was, and it turned out that 1) we were all already planning to buy capes because they were only like 5 or 6 bucks, and who doesn't want a cape? 2) the game was $5 to play... and 3) Peetr is really good at rolling a ball into holes to race clowns in cars, because he won a purple walrus with a hat in addition to his complimentary cape! You can see walrus in the bottom left hand corner.Here's everyone running excited in our capes towards Mr Freeze. Here's us being cool in our capes.
Here's us being cool in our capes with mascots. The woman that I asked to take the picture acted like technology hated her, but really it was that she needed to take a step backwards to get wonder woman in the frame with us. So we all look like we've been waiting for a long time, huh?
When we were in line for Mr Freeze, I saw that someone had graffiti'd their myspace URL in the hall, which I thought was hilarious. [I haven't visited it yet]
The capes had these tags on them and Rose stuck the "Another six flags WINNER" to Peet's head because he was indeed the winner of our game.
After Mr Freeze, I saw this mystery catsuited person in the DC square or whatever, and no one else was enthused about getting their picture taken with characters anymore, but in the end it's really appropriate that someone wearing a onesie and a tail and press on nails over their gloves is in a picture with me. I want her job, only I don't want to hang out at six flags, nor would I like the commute. She talked to me like she was trying to seduce me, and right before we posed, she told me "alright, so let's show em our claaaws" and she was still using that really sultry voice.
There's Rose looking awesome despite the fact that she should look totally retardo. Oh wait, she is retardo[314]. That was a bad joke, sorry LRB.
Rose lent Sean a 'do rag with money on it, and then he looked like an actual money superhero when the two came together.
Here's to being cool in our capes again. I think Peet looks like he's about to do magic here.
Ok, so this is where our day ends, or rather we are about to go run to do Superman and I start to get nervous and vacillate between like "I don't know, that's awful high" and "Hey, I really really like that falling heart stopping moment when you freeze as your falling and then tense up and then relax" and then right before we were at the moment where I had to decide whether I'd sit it out with Peet and be the scaredy cat I often am, or if I'd be the daredevil I should be more of the time, it started to sprinkle and people were getting turned away, and they were closing the park. So actually the three pictures above were after that when we were screwing around waiting for photobooth pictures, and then it REALLY started to POUR, like the moment we got our picture strip back. And of course the moment I put my camera away, we were in this little gazebo full of vending machines , and BATMAN and his helper dude walk by, and batman has an umbrella and then the helper got under his was seriously the biggest thing I ever regret not being able to properly take a picture of. The two pictures below are why the macro function on the camera let me down a little bit.
So then we all SPRINTED to the car and took off all our clothes (well, really we just got back in our swimwear) and prepared for the journey home. Here's everyone [excepting myself] looking like surprised drowned rats. Good day guys.Well done.and we all have passes to go back 5 more times.
I just had the remainder of a really good B.L.A.S.T. sandwich I had from The Royale, and I kind of want more sandwich, so I might have to take a trip to The Schnucks or something to figure that out.

My dad is also in town for the weekend and I haven't seen him since Xmas so that will be cool! alright, the end, I'm going to finish my laundry.

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