Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Theme songs and Parodies. And summer stuff.

So, I don't know if I've talked about this on the computer or not before, but when I started riding a bike more and kept pushing to keep up with people who ride a lot more and faster and everything else (still happens, duh.) I started singing ABBA's "Super Trouper" to myself, and now that sort of takes my mind off things and focuses my breathing so I don't psyche myself out when I'm all out of breath and whatever. I think it was on the underwear full moon fiasco...which, I was certainly in a state that night...but anyways I saw this awesome parody of ABBA's super trouper, and the video is also funny anyways, so I thought I'd post pictures from when I came up with it. It was a really good night.

LRB-- your camera takes great pictures, but one of us needs a waterproof camera next summer to take to the waterslides and stuff! oh yeah, and I still want that video of the handstand contest.

And now...the videos:

the funny parody with Rowan Atkinson...

for the record, I don't think that the redhead in ABBA is ugly, I just think she did a really terrible job on her eyebrows and overplucked them...It can really make or break your face.

More pictures from summer that never made it to upload stage later.


So. I just remembered this because infomercials are coming on the TV this time of night and I can't sleep...but when we lived in Reno, my Dad had this friend that filmed infomercials or directed them or something...and my mom remodeled every kitchen of every house we've ever lived in pretty much to increase the sale value, and in one of our houses in Reno, an infomercial was actually filmed there. For some sort of rolling pin with spikes that was a meat tenderizer or something. I've already emailed my mom to see if she remembers what it's called, so maybe if we're lucky there's someone out there on the internet that loves infomercials so much that they have put it on youtube. If not, it's still a good story. Nice mailbox, eh?

Mom rules.

Mom just got a new iPhone and sent me an email entitled "my new haircut"...she looks pretty cute showing it off. PS- she is 59!!!!!! She looks younger huh?

Alright so let's get this really unflattering picture out of the way because I think it's all I have right now. Me, Mom, Grandma. Dinner in June, somehow the lighting made us all look really cheeky...and by that I mean we all look like fat chipmunks. I look like I lost a few teeth...but whatever. At least I have faith that I'm pretty sure I'm not going to lose my eyebrows with age like these ladies. JK, mom and grandma.
So my friend Kendra sent this message out on facebook and I thought my mom would be a cool person to ask these questions to because she's moved a whole bunch and she's been crashing on my grandma's couch since June, here in STL. Her answers were pretty 'mom' and I don't know if anyone else will think it's as heartwarming as I do, but I thought I'd post it anyways. What a doll she is.

so here's what she posted, if you email back to me, i'll fwd to her.

Hi everybody!, I am doing a photography series based on the concept of home, what is home, what makes a home and I need your input to inform what my work is going to say. Please please, even if you can write just a few words, post a response to 'what is home?' or a response based on the following questions:

What is home? What do you think makes a place "home" for a person? What is the difference between a place you happen to live and a place you think of as home? Is it a history? Does it depend on other people? What is the relationship of home and family? Is home defined by an internal feeling or by external conditions?

Where is your home and why?

* I know it sounds like homework but I really would appreciate your help! (and preferably within the next week or so:)

So here's what Linda had to say:

I learned when I moved to Cleveland to "bloom where I am planted". That means that whether I am in good weather or bad, I can enjoy the climate and make the most of the natural resources around me. But what has always been there to make it OK is my family, especially my children. Making a home for them has always motivated me. Finding the right schools, the right home, the right neighborhood, the activities that help them find friends and fulfillment has driven me to the house we lived in. Then, after unpacking and settling in, it is home when these things all click. I find my home where my family thrives.
I intentionally tried to create memories and traditions that create the atmosphere of home. A holiday without family makes home a very lonely place indeed. Just a roof and a few rooms, joyless and empty of love.
As my children have grown, I have explored what home will mean in my future. I am not sure where I will live, since all three children have settled in different states. I tried to buy a new home near my oldest daughter and my grandchildren, but the economy prevented that. I now think of the airport, where I go to visit the cities where my children live. The old issues of location, schools and other child-focused motivations don't apply any more. Being close to family is still my criteria, but my dilemma is the geographic location of each child.
So, clearly, I think that home is where my family and loved ones are. My question now is: where do I live so I can feel at home?

Even if no one wants to read it I think I'm gonna post mine because DUh this is my blog not anyone else's, and that's why I have a tag for "dear diary blogging"...I like how she sort of ended in the same way as a Sex & the City monologue haha...Man, my mom's answer and all of that almost made me feel all better about all my baby photos being stolen out with a bag that someone smashed my window to get earlier this week...almost. I should have gone dumpster diving.

oh yeah and I watched the jackass movie tonight

number two that is. It was great. Way cooler than the first one because now they have famous friends and a whole lot of money to buy stuff or have weird stuff made... I almost want to do a play by play review of each stunt sequence. Maybe I'll edit this later because it made me miss my bedtime.

Monday, September 29, 2008

I can't sleep.

But I do love ABBA. There's a really funny parody I'll post tomorrow.

I forgot to tell you guys I was a facepainter.

So at KDHX's Midwest Mayhem this year (which was on May 22) I was the facepainter, via a request from my good friend Grace who is the Music Director and Events Coordinator there. I can't remember if my friend Carolyn Simon Noon was there or not, but she is the director of SCOSAG and she asked me to paint faces for this event on October 10th called "Paint by Numbers" which I guess is an audience interactive fundraiser or something. Last time I did this, I had a huge line of people and Peat offered to come to help out, but then he would only paint balloons, so I just didn't paint that many faces...it was still fun, and people were tipping me even though I didn't have a tip cup, so that was awesome...but at this point, now I'm just promoting this event, can't seem to find their flyer online...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I need some cheering up, so here are some stupid videos.

i swear I only ever find cat related news.

totally gross but cool:

how i chipped my tooth (the first two times...only I didn't have a waterproof video or as many friends...and I was younger) If a noise musician were a chickenhawk, this would be their dream come true.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

weird, weird, gross.

Found these images on the LA Times' website...they have this section called "odd in photos" that's always being added to...Top picture is clearly someone's topiary/crop circle homage to Gov Palin, this Polar Bear at a Japanese Zoo that swam in an algae ridden pond that dyed its fur, and the finale (the caption from whoever it was at the LA Times who compiled these photos)
A HUNTING TROPHY: In this undated photo, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and one of her daughters pose with a caribou she shot. A woman in an exceedingly macho state, Palin has not always been taken seriously. But opponents cross her at their peril.

Heavy. Matt and Brandon found this lady who has a "vlog" as Sarah Palin that looked funny.

mystery solved!

I kept trying to figure out the name of this comedian that changed my mind about stand up comedy and all I could ever think of was that he was young, cute, wearing a sweatshirt, and made jokes that were so nonsensical that I actually identified with his sense of humor, his name may or may not start with a D, and his Comedy Central special was set in Orange county.

Today-- long after I've stuffed that search in the back corners of my mind-- my question has been answered. All because he is on tour and he is coming to the Pageant. I am so delighted. I want everyone to come with me, I wish it were cheaper.

His name...Daniel Tosh.

Ps- I don't think he's cute in a way that I'm attracted to him, he actually seems like he might have douchey friends looking at the pictures on his website. I bet you he vacations in Lake Havasu or something. Which to you St Louisans is like the equivalent of a place I've been told of that's called "Party Cove"...aka Real Housier. (sp?) Whatevs, gotta love him.

Friday, September 26, 2008

I keep forgetting to post this...

Chilton was hanging out in my laundry bin after a nap, belly up, looking good. Reminds me of this one time a long time ago michael found him in the bathtub sitting like this and he made a joke like "dude. I got so stoned I forgot to turn on the water, man!" now whenever he sits like this it makes me feel like he owes me rent money or something.

My necklace friend.

I started out making a cube with handles and then I gave it cat ears
and it turned into the Cheshire cat. We're gonna make a lot more.
Prepare for them to get trippy/elaborate/totally awesome.

Taylor turned a beer label inside out

Well, not really, but it sort of looked like it. Also she is holding
up this necklace friend we made earlier.

fucked by florida. but never by a Kennedy woman.

I can't get enough of tracksuits. oy vey.

And I am so glad that I'm not the only one that thinks Obama draws so many similarities to JFK. He's handsome, and it was a huge deal for JFK to be the first Catholic president, right?

Don't women tend to vote for whom they think is more attractive?...oh wait I think I read that in Cosmo when I was like 14, nevermind. I do think as far as "women's issues" go, he was super eloquent and nonpartisan but reassuring about it--well, maybe ProLifers won't think so but I thought it was well put... I like that he was offering some real numbers about partial birth abortion and shifting the focus to proactive preventative measures, which I found to be super smart, earnest, and most importantly: it was thought provoking...way moreso than the "hey, I would never get an abortion but hey, I think it should be lawful"...no pussyfootin around this house.

I like Obama...I didn't have much more of an opinion before the Veeps candidates were announced, but I think I'll save the reasons why Sarah Palin creeps me out for another post. Before the running mates were announced I was kinda just like "well, better them than him..." and that might piss off some of my family, professors, friends, whatever...but really talking about politics pisses everyone off anyways. I'll stop there for now.

PS- My punctuation sucks today.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Lot's happened since we last spoke.

But right now I'm at hobby lobby about to make some serious impulse buys based on crafts from my childhood. Yikes.

Above is the top impressive thing I saw on my trip here.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


I MATCH THE FLYER. Even my backpack. Pictures later. wish me luck.

Ps- I don't have any clean socks so i'm just gonna wing it. Maybe I'll call someone to bail me out in that department.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

My intern duties tonight are...

Serving tiny shots of tequila next to this sculpture, by request of
the artist, Pepe Mar. Come and get it!

Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm really glad that they have footage of the cat.

Does anyone else remember when this happened?

kylie minogue is at a wax museum for real in this compromising position.

and while we're searching for wax kylie minogue, we're gonna post this waxy picture of paris hilton that turned up in the search.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Flyer for DIY class final

you can compare to the first draft without the type dropped in a few posts below.

Lovisa Burfitt

A Swede who doubles as an awesome illustrator and a fashion designer that makes me wish I could afford all her clothes.

some old stuff I made from my flash drive.

Maliea and my birthdays are 2 days apart and for our 21st we had a bday party together. At the time we were making a lot of jokes about her looking like Zac Hanson and how our kid pictures looked a lot alike, and we had about the same haircolor, so I made this collage for our birthdays. I believe I still owe both of us this image in poster size, but Kinko's gets so expensive I've avoided it for over a year. When Maliea's mom saw it she said "that's really cute, but I don't remember taking a lot of those pictures of you"...parents.
This is actually broken now, which sucks, because that display case was pretty awesome, and I only have a cell phone pic of it...with my old phone that I hated. I was toying around with this idea of creating 2d objects to sit in 3d space, like dioramas sorta. Since I had such a tiny box I drew on shrinky dinks and turned this in for a final project in...Intermediate Drawing class I believe. Some of the little drawings turned out good, some of them not so good, but it was a good excercise in how that would actually work for other projects.

something to look at

i decided to make a tag for people's online photo albums that I find by chance or through a search for something else and really like. Finds like these should be shared.

Patrick Moberg.

I got these from his website.

old picture turned up...

Maliea tagged me in this photo of Chilly when we lived at Michael's house. I like it when he sits up like a human. Right now he's sleeping in my hamper.

motion logos.

meant to post this a while ago too. I was researching old logos in motion that were at the beginning/end of home videos and educational tv programs and stuff like that. Turns out a whole bunch of people are obsessed with this too, so it was easy to find compilations.

I love the internet. It's so good for pop culture research.

some of them overlap.
then there's this whole other subculture of people who like to play them in reverse, really fast, really slow, and then normal again.

I'll let you guys find those on your own.

homework and this other girl's homework i wrote all over

So our assignment was to make a poster/flyer for an event using collage (I know, it would be totally retarded if it weren't DIY class!) and it's due tonight and I haven't really done a lick of work on it since last week. But I wanted to show off the work in progress because I should do that anyways. I did it for the rock n roll craft show 5, which happens this year, and I made my collage via scanner. It needs work. And information.

Kendra is a friend in class and I really respect her design sensibility and so I wanted to help her out because she's going up for BFA review and I know she can make everything look really kick ass. She decided to make her event flyer for her BFA review to hand out like a showcard to her professors, which is really a brilliant idea, and so I took notes on everything Jon C told her to tweak with the design and then threw in a few notes of encouragement to make it look like a real show card because if she takes herself seriously, it will come more naturally as a general tone for the flock of professors to take the work she's showing seriously...and then give her the OK for getting her BFA this year! We scanned it in because we thought it was funny after we looked at it, and she actually really appreciated everything. I just really like her and I wanted to help encourage her along. So let's all laugh at me together:

a good license plate I took a picture of the other day

this is three weeks late...back to the flag!

We were all so excited to be back together in our BRAND NEW REAL OFFICE that we documented it.
there's me with the ARTFORUM and an envelope that Tim Barber sent to Matt and Matt saw that I liked it so much that he let me keep it. But not before giving me a ton of shit about loving Tim or whatever. Whatever.

there are my boobs in ARTFORUM in the bottom left hand corner of our ad.

Taylor and I moved all these buckets outside and so we climbed on them and took pictures because Jason took a picture of me drilling the holes in the bottoms of them when the buckets first were in the gallery. It felt appropriate to bookend it.

Three weeks late:

so today was my first day back to White Flag Projects for Season 3. We have a real office now! It's really beautiful, and Taylor and I are Senior Interns this year. We still don't get paid, though.

It was a pretty productive day. I figured out that we could dust with an air compressor, like dust off cans, but made by DeWalt-- it was fuggin awesome. I also saw the new ARTFORUM with our ad in it or whatever. Whitey Jr (stray cat we feed #2, Whitey Original doesn't really come around too much, and he looks more and more beat up every time we see him) came by, and we usually feed him off of one of the many free unwanted copies of ALIVE magazine we recieve, but this time Matt was in this issue because Paul Ha (CAMSTL's director, I babysat his kids a few times this summer) put Matt as one of his favorite 10 local artists--so we are going to feed Whiteys off of that page for now.
Matts face is just to the left of the cat's.
and I rode my bike to get some lunch down the street but I was too late for lunch. But there was a church rummage sale that I went to instead and got taylor these old car cologne bottles. One after shave smelled terrible, the other one surprisingly nice.

Weird night, weird start to today.

1) Remember that post I made about the sand castle job? My professor emailed me saying "I'm going to be late for class tonight, about 6:15, Please spread the word...I have a friend who needs help building a sand castle in his studio...interested?"

I guess I am perfect for the job...too bad I will be busy editing video footage for White Flag so a short can go out with our press release. I'm really hoping that this goes smoothly because it's the first attempt. Basically I'm going to just get something done, add bells and whistles if there's time, and really lean on our helvetica bold no spaces identity that matt's super into right now. Then I'll get fancy as I get to working faster and whatever.

2)I was having this incredibly strange dream wherein I was in some sort of North Midwestern College Town, forget which one at the moment...and I find out that Adam Green is playing! Then I have a really cool watch and I switch wrists that it's on because even in my dream I know that I don't wear a watch, but that one is super cool so I try to get comfortable with it...I see Adam walking behind a rope or some sort of gate/barrier and I stop him and go "hey, remember me? I saw you in Chicago and am a friend of Courtney Duncan's?" and he looks confused at first but then goes "oh right right" like he remembers.

Then he's like "walk with me, I'm a busy man" or something like that, and proceeds to explain this complicated set that they have going on involving puppies under hats or something like that and he was like "that's why my hair is bleaching out, because some of the puppies are so light"


and then I ask him if he can get me in for free and he sort of implies that there might not be any more spots and/or it might be too late but we'll find a way...and then I go hang out with some girl that is opening for him and her dad, who bears the strangest closest resemblance to Jack Nance I spend the whole time being totally freaked out. So we're playing with puppies and setting up her set which also includes a dog, and three giant flat circles that we use as plates to put tomato slices with basil shreds, sea salt, pepper and Olive oil, and then I guess she decides that I'm going to play her show with her, and then I realize that those tomatoes are Heirlooms and we start to "test" them. Then somehow we eat like, the majority of the setup. Then I woke up and now I'm listening to a whole bunch of Adam Green and eating microwave enchiladas. Here is a video I've been meaning to post:

3)Lil Pete brought some book to Mangia last night and wouldn't shut up about it. It was like, when you bring a book to a bar with the intention of talking about the book, no one is going to ask you about it and you end up looking like a commercial for the damn thing, but if you go to a bar and happen to have a book with you, but don't necessarily want to talk about it, then no one will stop asking you about it. It's the lamest double standard ever.

4) Joe Stein and I have the same neck fungus, which I suspected because I saw selsun blue in their shower, which is what my Dr. Uncle Mark told me to do about mine...it's gone down significantly but has not completely disappeared. I don't even know how I got it originally...I just woke up and had a weird rash one day. At least people don't ask me if I have hickeys anymore. Joe told me he forgot to buy more and it spread like, over his whole body. This was all brought up because Sean said he had to shave his armpits because he had some weird spagetti looking fungus. Fungus is gross, if you weren't grossed out before, I'm surprised.

5) I am now successfully halfway through my giant bag of sprinkle cheese. The bottle of Vodka from the same costco trip is a little under half, but you know, cheese, vodka...which one gets used more often? No one can say.

6) Peetr and I were supposed to have a drink and hang but we both got hijacked by other people. He by friends he hadn't seen in 2 years, me by some weirdo freakishly tiny drunk lesbian with two black eyes and a camo print hat, who swooped in while I was ordering a drink and said "I'll take the same thing and I'll buy hers"

uh oh is right.

Creepy drunk old lesbians are almost worse than creepy old drunk men. Mostly because there's some weird idea that it's more okay to like, touch you because they are women. I had a really hard time escaping from her, she was so drunk that she was referring to her cell phone not turning on to "they won't let me show you" because she was going to show me some pictures or something. She also said that her friend Brock would call me a "bee-otch" but that she would never call me that. Eventually I ditched her and then Peetr told me this morning that he thinks she was trying to trip him on the way out because she kicked him in the ankle.

We decided we are going to draw an evil little leprachaun picture of her next time we hang out.

7) I hope I can get all my homework done. Have a good day guys.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Also at goodwill today:

I tried on this costume made for dogs, the Velcro barely went all the way around me, but I Got to be a hot dog for a minute!

I found a super sweet helmet today

At the goodwill. Too bad it was for costume purposes, i'd lid my dome way often if helmets made you look and feel like you are in the movie tron.

I wish...

that I could be paid to be someone's imaginary friend. I've already kind of got the wardrobe down, I'm just a little too loud to be imaginary. And a little too real...not as Real as Adrienne though, who has 100% Real tattooed on her arm!

I guess watching Pete's Dragon and old episodes of Puff the Magic Dragon rubbed off on me yesterday.

ps- this is part 4 but if anyone else feels compelled you can watch the whole damn movie in like 14 parts. I just posted this because I always dreamed of writing with a charred stick on Pete's Dragon's tummy...I like how their relationship sort of looks like a romantic one at points...like how they talk about it and the whole musical sequence where he's singing about how much he loves his dragon. Too good.

climb trees for money?


a good missed connection

I love the ones that are anonymous rants.

This person has the coolest ride to whole foods ever.

Street legal dirtbikes bring out the Reno in me, ha. I love love love Kawasaki colors here, how instead of lime green and purple they made it like periwinkle and turquoise...the letters were a little blurry here but they were cool colored too.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I need a job.

I haven't been called back by 2 restaurants where I thought the interviews went well, it doesn't look like I should try to sign up for full time classes since I kinda got on that late, and I'm looking on craigslist for ridiculous stuff.

So far I was thinking about applying for this artist who is building sand castles (really sounds like my odd tasks I get assigned at white flag sometimes) and another posting that is weekends only and is for face painting at the zoo. Oh man.

Something like this sounds like a good fit since ideally I would really love to just have a paid internship so there's less pressure to be anything but learning how an office within a certain industry works, so I wouldn't be in a position to like, blow it. This also sounds like something along the level of what I feel ready for, but I guess I missed the boat on that. I wish people would pay their goddamn interns so upper level college students can get work experience while taking classes without having to take a completely irrelevant job. ugh.
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