Friday, October 31, 2008

oh yeah....

Instead I'm gonna be Kermit the Frog. and I'm going to pray that it's warm enough to ride my bike because it will be so goddamn adorably cute if I get to ride my bike and be Kermie.

I almost considered being you for Halloween...

Thank you Dave Todd. I will even repeat the comment he was impressed with:
This would have been so good. I got a haircut yesterday and after sleeping on it, it does look pretty big, and on top of that, I bet I could find a gold's gym shirt or just make a crappy one, but I think the REAL golden part of this costume would have been the cardboard version of the double guitar!!!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The beginnings of a poster illustration:

I think it looks like a shirt from a skateboarding company. The assignment is to make a provote poster, non-partisan, to convince students to vote. We had to write the copy and design the poster and after class I did what any good copywriter should do: go drinking with a bunch of funny dudes at trivia, ask them their opinion on what I've already got, and start making jokes about potential taglines. A bunch of stinkers get thought up, but then the gold comes through. Well, more or less. My tag for this one: skip class- make time to vote. This is just a phone pic, but I think I really like where this is going. I am so in love with those little lines inside the cursive that I might just start to make two more posters with the runners up copy lines.

shirt tales

Yesterday shirt tales was on TV on the BOOMERANG channel--which I LOVE, they only show old Hanna Barbera cartoons and stuff, and there was "No Undies Mondays" so I flipped to it, and Shirt Tales was on...I like that their shirts are sort of like alarms, they like, get blinking words on them as warnings. In the episode that I watched they were trying to convince this Evil Real Estate Developer that he was trying to sell the park because he had a sad childhood and he never tried to play was pretty weird, but it was awesome too.

You have to watch it to the end.

I wish I had a video camera over the summer because I bet that something like this could have happened if I had.

Ps- that reminded me of this...

Made me feel better.

The video is actually mislabeled and it's really called "Nothing Came Out"...Kimya Dawson is in the business of making music that makes you feel like you're hugged and just lettin it all out on your shoulder. I've totally cried in front of her and read a book to her awesome baby Panda, which was awesome because I read her blog throughout her pregnancy with Panda and so it was really cool to meet Panda in real life. I also really love Adam Green's costumes, I wonder if anyone I know knows who makes them...Most of them have fringe and stuff painted on them like eyeballs.

Anyways I wasn't feeling so great because I just went out to lunch with my old boyfriend and then I realized that I didn't want it to end and then he said something that made me sad or emphasized this fact or something and then I just lost it all the way home and this song was going to be the only thing that would make me feel better, and guess did.

Ali was proud of her sister's boyfriend

Cuz he is awesome. He is the Corndawg aka Jonny Fritz and he rules. Gotta find a picture of his guitar cozy, because he made it on Ali's sister's knitting's super badass.I also kind of wish I could be him. He just goes on tour all the time ON A MOTORCYCLE, and takes pictures of it all, and goes out with Ali's awesome sister Lauren, and we served corndogs and beer at his show when he played in st louis, and he's got these great songs about young marriage that are called like "16" "18" "22", and since Ali and I are 22, we asked him to play 22 and he was like "I dunno if you want to hear that one, it's kind of mean"

She sent me this link to a very flattering write up he got and there's all sorts of cool links in this article about him that made me proud too. There's a video that I'll add to this of his commercial for his airbrush's funny. Here's his flickr.

This child ALSO makes me uncomfortable.

I found this website on an image search for swing sets. Hm.

Monday, October 27, 2008

this child makes me uncomfortable.

probably because he seems like he is the same kind of retarded as me.

I like that he tells the punchline to the joke, apologizes profusely, and mentions the start of a story to pepper spraying a woman at blockbuster enough to make you go "wtf?" and then ...yeah.
Suffice it to say that I'm pretty sure that the reason why my friend Kristen has that on her "who I'd like to meet"...whether she knows it or not...probably has something to do with both of us (and probably more people that we know) identifying with that kid in the worst ways.

Kristen has some really good stories, btw.

She used to tell me about how she got really obsessed with doing spit takes before school when she was a kid, and it's really only funny because I know her mother, and I can picture exactly how she'd react to this...but anyways, for the rest of you that don't know Ksteg or her mother, Sarah...enjoy this instead. I like the comments.

Whitey Junior!!!!

This is the stray cat that we feed at White Flag. We have another Whitey, called Whitey Original, but he doesn't come by very often anymore. Whitey Junior's real name is Garfield, as we learned from a homeless woman who he "belongs to"...Matt also calls him "son" and more recently calls him "Gingie"....This kitty is really sweet and I really wish I had the money to catnap him and Neuter him. His coat has really improved ever since we've been feeding him, he almost looks like an indoor cat, especially how comfortable he is on that couch.

Scratch that...

He doesn't hate his life! He's just lazy!

My fat cat hates his life.

He steals Pizza out of the trash because he's fat and he loves carbs. On the cartoon that I'm watching right now, they just said "it tastes like a bicycle tire...but, delicious!" about a pizza and I'm pretty sure that if Brakhage could talk, he would say something about that.

monchichi mean happiness!

should have posted this a while ago,in the Spring I was at a bar with Stephen and Matt and some other people and we hung out and watched cartoons on my iPhone because there was wifi around and Stephen had this song stuck in his head.

Chilton thinks my bike is his jurisdiction.

Doesn't it look like he's either really proud of it or he thinks it's
his job to protect it?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Are you Smarter than a....

yeah, I won't finish that sentence but the Animaniacs are brilliant and I like that Nevada, Carson City is very LAST!!!!

Stupid Random thought...

Isn't it weird that when you look at a word too closely or for too long it seems like it's misspelled? A few weeks ago I saw a license plate that was cleverly meant to be read in a rear view mirror, aka--spelled backwards or whatever...and it totally made me feel dyslexic


Every time I get an email from Barneys (especially this one) it makes me want to make like a punk rock teenager and Eat the Rich. If only I had the connections to make money on every stupid idea I came up with and it went into production and was on sale for like $150 ea. I'd be a wealthy woman if that were the case. Consumerism doesn't suck if you know how to work it, but otherwise that aspect is just plain Depressing. I sincerely hope that [S]Palin's downs baby has gotten this rocker as a gift. I also hope no one finds this post from a search engine.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Vanity plates

I just saw one that said "bow dwn" which was almost as good as the
time I saw the one that said "deziac" and said to my friend in the
car, "do you think he has an Afro?"


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Another picture from my adventure to the fabric store the other day

I suspected that a few of my friends might like the looks of this place.

Chilton's yawns are so badass looking

"I'm a monster!!!!"

oh yeah i forgot there was a joke about my name

One of the comics last night was talking about how he had about 56 cousins and one of them has the same name as his sister, and then he says that they're both named Heather. 

So at this point my friends are laughing at me.

Then, he goes on to say "so you think they would have stopped naming kids Heather at the first one, like they would have gone 'wait a minute, waiiitaminute, we don't want both of them to turn out to be strippers!'"........

my friends lost it. So hard that no one mentioned it till about halfway on the bike ride home. It was hilarious.

which brings me to this.... the most recent entry and it hasn't been updated in at the very least a few months...


America loves bloopers...and catssss!


el gatito más lindo del mundo

was the title of this video. It pretty much translates to: the prettiest kitten in the world...I've got to admit, he is doing a whole bunch of cute things and it looks a little like a toy!

oh yeah, Saturday night was awesome too

I went to this going away party with Stephen where we played with swords and then we burned stuff in the fire and we heated up one of the swords and the host got really into it and then we cut a plastic chair in half. There's some video of it too but it's kind of just... drunk.

Ladies and Gentlemen, SWORD BASEBALL!
and if you couldn't see, he totally cut that apple in two!

stripper on your desk.

I read about these a while ago but useless USB powered toys are an endless source of fascination for me. I still want to get the USB powered greenhouse, it's like bio dome, measuring homeostasis levels through your desktop and shiiiiit, that's heavy.

Looks like fellow st louisans at have already blogged about this, and apparently they own one.


I've been talking for a while now about how I bet there are so many people out there in the world with tattoos that say "fire walk with me" because of Twin Peaks, and I found this really awesome picture of really unfortunate forehead tattoos somewhere in that search.
I'm going to go to a party where people are tattooing, or rather one guy is...he's awesome so i'm curious to see what people are doing. He has the raddest chest piece ever and all last night I kept telling him that I know I must have met him last year, but now I realize that I'm much lamer than that and I know his tattoo because I've seen his flickr

I also found this really awesome Wired Blog entry...on BRAILLE TATTOOS and ERASEABLE INK! It sounds wimpy but really just means that your tattoos won't get fuzzy over time!

Sunday at White Flag

Thanks, boyfriend in a bag!

Brian was talking about this video last night, I'm glad I got to find out about the boyfriend version when I watched it. I also do not believe that that girl can carry that boy.

What a great night.

I only took two pictures last night, and it was so worth it for that gem. If anyone sees/has that hat that Lee is wearing, take it from them and give it back to Lee, he's missing it.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Yet another time warp

Patterns for leotards? I didnt know there was a huge demand for those
in south county. Deadstock?

Friday, October 17, 2008

For Taylor. woops.

I played this song for my grandma...

the one with the license plate that says "SKATE-D" because she couldn't think of a better way to abbreviate "skate dancer"....silly grandma....she giggled every time the girl sang "I got a brand new pair of roller skates" cute.

Tuesday was a really fucking good day/night.

Rose has a similar picture on her camera, but this one is cuter.

Soli said her scarf made her feel like her cat Lucha, so I asked her to make the face and this is what she came up with...looks just like Lucha!

Two metal dudes on BMX bikes were just too much good stuff.

they used to not like each other and now they switch hats!

LRB and Brian make faces.

Jim Utz humoring me.

For some reason I just really liked this picture.

This dance floor is often empty. Not when you have 100 people who know how to have fun.

Brian and Rose had the most awesome dance together ever.

this looks bad but really it's just a bad picture of an awesome somersault.

TJ wins the prize besides Dave Stone for most photogenic on my camera that night, because he was literally just WALKING by and saw that I was aiming at him, and RIGHT when the flash went off, he made this brilliant face, and it only lasted for that long. Probably because that part of his soul is now missing.

I love all three of these dudes.

I don't even know why I took a picture of Lee taking a picture, but I think it turned out awesome and I love Robert's pose.

They love love.

I love it love it love it when Grace gets drunk and rowdy. She is actually shredding leg guitar in real life here, she's that brilliant at having fun.

there's a missed step in between these two photos where a few people interrupt the leg noodling and pick jeff up and carry him around like a throne and probably drop him and then here is where he retalliates and makes John from Star Clipper look like a tiny child. This picture makes me crack up more than any other from this night.

Lee: "man, you think this place makes awesome pictures, just look at what happens when they turn on the lights!"

Dave Stone is the winner. I love how on FBC rides he is always so up for saying "where's the party next?" at the moonlight ramble at 4 am. So cute.

rose is done for the night (but not really)

peat pretended to steal someone's bike and you can't see his wig in the picture but it's awesome...

This picture is so unflattering it's cute.

this is brian telling peat about how much he hates the RFT while laying in the front door of bri zone. I don't remember what time it was but suffice it to say that it was very late. Goodnight.
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