Tuesday, December 30, 2008


RIGHT. so I'm pretty sure my brother's photography skills and my obsession with the dramatic are showing through here. It couldn't have been taken by anyone taller than me. Taken with a 110 camera after we went trick or treating. I was raggedy ann and he was batman, so I guess I put on the batman costume after he was done with it.

There's something really creepily blatantly sexual about some of these, like that balloon one and the batman one that's on the right in the middle...not to mention the one where I'm changing. I wonder why my mom kept that one at all...

What else is really funny is I think that the car that I'm posing next to is this old 60's Porche that my dad had and lent to my Uncle Pete to put some work into, and it got all chop shopped while it was at his house. Oh, family.

Ps- the rumors are true...

I forgot how much weed everyone smokes in CA. I thought this was hilarious in someone's apartment, because, not only do I have friends in a band called lambsbread, the label states that this is intended for medical use only.

I'm so glad I don't smoke weed.

Last Night.

My very good friend from middle school on is living right off of the street where the star walk is, and kermie's star was the only one I was interested in on the walk home from the bar.

Not only was I drinking enough to be laying down on a sidewalk, the doorman got mad at me for playing ABBA on the jukebox and so since I knew I wouldn't have to ever really see him again, and my friend was busy with his girlfriend and his 2 friends were also busy with girls so to entertain myself I said to him, "it wouldn't be so bad if I sang it to you" and started dancing with him and he acted like it was a big deal but no complaints were issued in the young girl dancing around him department. He kind of was built like Vin Diesel (read: not my type, even for this type of flirting) but I was having way more fun than I was having when I had this really transparent, vapid conversation with a dude the night before.

I'm also pretty sure I woke up from being passed out on Vince's couch in the middle of the night in his very tiny apartment and heard a conversation that was kind of like "but your friend is right there sleeping on your couch!"

Right. But you can really tell why those jeans are my favorite though! I wore that outfit for a solid three days. I had a whole bag but it was just so easy to stay in it. The best part is, there are facebook pictures that I was tagged in from the first night that I wore it. When I was freshly showered and makeupped. Vacay pics tomorrow. And my fire pics from giant FBC bonfire.

Monday, December 29, 2008

This is what the Reno airport sounds like


Peetr Monterubio already knows this because we went to the casino queen together, but the constant dinging and blinging of slot machines that is usually sort of a disorienting sound for most is actually like a comfort for me because there are slots everywhere in Reno, even In the front of the grocery store. Its a nostalgic thing, its very sad that people get addicted to these things. St Louis has got Catholic guilt, Ive got gambling guilt and think that prostitution is normal. I love Reno.

Who wants to play slot machines in a spaceship?

Me me me!!! (kind of)

I've got the giggles

At the worst time.

I was waiting in line to board my flight. I had to fart. I just went for it. I was relieved to find that it wasn't loud.

Then I heard a woman behind me say, "no, I can't pick you up right now."

This is where I lost it, because I totally fucking forgot that there was this tiny little girl standing directly behind me, and she was about as tall as my butt.

All I could do was laugh to myself. I just kept thinking, "I just farted in a child's face." I felt bad of course, but I totally just kept thinking up responses that she might say to her mom had she not told her to be quiet and sit still. Just imagine "but it smells bad down here" or something coming out of her mouth.

Then, as I'm walking down that sketchy hallway that you board the plane from, everything stops and we're all in line for a while, and this guy that sounded like Tom Waits told me that there wasn't anything wrong with having the giggles and then he added, "and you're not even drinking, it just shows you've got a good sense of humor."

Then he wouldn't stop asking questions about my tattoos so I found a seat and kind of hoped he wouldn't sit next to me. He Did order a Bud Lite the second he saw a flight attendant, though. He also requested that the pilot have one too, to which she responded, "maybe on his off time"

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Omg LA made me hungover.

So, on the news the other day (which I found out from trivial pursuit's 'genus' edition is the plural of 'new') there was this story on this little Mexican market where everyone lines up around the block because they have the best 'maza' around to make your tamales with (it's a corn product) and she told us about this drink called champarado that is maza, chocolate, milk, and cinnamon--kind of like a Mexican version of egg nog only hot chocolate, I guess-- so anyways, she said "if joo don't have champarado weeth jyore tamales joo are meesing out!"

So last night after the bar my friend cassandra works at closed up, we went to this taqueria down the street and I saw champarado on the menu and I ordered it and it was lava hot for an eternity and this morning I found out what I was meesing out on-- indigestion.

We'll talk later when I don't have a headache, k?

Friday, December 26, 2008

Vegan Lunch today

This is my friend Allie Macheski eating tiny veggie samosas and a
vegan Philly Cheesesteak (I think, that's what she usually gets there
anyways) at this vegan restaurant called Native Foods that is really

Ghost Town!

Merry Xmas members of browntown!

Depressed or sleepy?

You decide.

I wish I could be an Indian Giver

Because I bought my dad the DVD set of SNL's second season (mostly because I had no idea what to get him and I was trying to figure out things we could do ON Xmas instead of fighting) and they have all these awesome musical guests and hosts...The episode we are watching right now has Steve Martin as host, Lily Tomlin as special guest, and THE KINKS as musical guest. We also just watched an episode where Paul Simon was the host and George Harrison was the musical guest, but both of them jammed together.

I'm going to find a way to take these back to St Louis with me.

ps- gilda radner is hilarious...she's doing a sketch where she is a female doctor that wrote a quick-loss diet book and she goes "this is so easy, watch--i'll demonstrate..." she opens the book to read it... "Breakfast: Eat page 1" rip, chew "Lunch: Eat page 2" rip, chew... a little more than underwhelming via this transcript but you'll just have to take my word for it that it's hilarious. Or maybe it's on youtube, I haven't looked due to technical difficulties.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My brother stealing my food.

I gave him that scar on his cheek when he sat on my playhouse as a
baby. Now he is way way bigger than me, so all I have as a line of
defense are pretty much teeth and nails, ha!

Yet another reason that costco rules.

You can call them when you're waiting in line and your order will be
waiting at the front for you. Good thing I didn't feel like pizza
today, though...check out the note on the phone!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Don't Go Breakin My Heart.

I've really wanted to do this on Karaoke for a really long time. DUETS! Now I'm off to hang out with an old friend! SEE YA!

We are in the future.

Ok so imagine me saying this in the tune of that song from Greatest American Hero that goes: "believe it or not I'm walking on air" onlyreplace 'walking on air' with 'watching TV' and you're pretty much feeling how awesome[ly pointless] these glasses were.

I'll just show you the video I guess.

Palm trees in an industrial park.

My parents are inside this fancy bank to sign mortgage papers on their house which is on the market, and my poor mother Is sick and she still had to come even though she puked before we got into the car. Orange County is so Uniquely Depressing that you kind of have to experience it to believe it.

On a lighter note, we are having lunch at a very large Whole Foods and on the way here, I saw a Google satellite office, and they have a basketball court. I wonder If I can take a tour of the building. Maybe I can just call them up and be like, "don't you know who I am?? I'm a registered blogspot user and almost an expert at google image searches and youtube related videos!!!"

Just Kidding. But isnt it funny to come up with interactions like that?

sexy circuitry

Debbie Harry is such a babe. She was my favorite when I was little.

Not that I should be complaining or anything

But I wish you could tell from the picture how actually crappy it is outside. Somehow there are a million birds flying around and the sea is so silver that all the birds look black.

Dad with circuitboard.

Too bad this was one sided laminated, you can see right through to the other side. Paul used to take me to Radio Shack to get stuff to solder to the circuit boards in our garage. I was too little to know what they were about but I knew that they were cool looking objects.

Super Cool Letter

Sample letter

My dad wrote this letter which is dated for my brother's first birthday. I'm guessing that rubbed off on his work day, because something tells me this was not the only High Five he gave out in letter/memo form that day.

From this, I remembered that as a child, I had this blanket that had the gannett logo on it, and I realized that I never looked at the negative space in their logo as a 'G' but I remember thinking it was cool looking. I wonder if we still have that blanket.

Dad was in an ad.

I found this scrapbook from my dad's radio engineering days, and my mom (I'm assuming) saved all these clippings, congratulatory letters, original facsimilies on old fax paper (when it came on a roll) and I took a few pictures of some pictures because I can't sleep. My dad had a very strange day today with our family and is generally acting very crazy lately and overspending, acting like a big baby. Better to remember him in his prime.

Thank God for adult swim. Dude, so good for sleepless nights. I'm so glad that cartoons are getting to be more like free form dreams.

Buenos sueños amigos.

Sex in the City

Can I just say that I am so glad that they are reruns now and not like, determining the design of the next huge knockoffs that every girl Must Have. I just thought of this because samantha had these gigantic dangly Chanel earrings, and I totally fell victim to buying the plastic $10 version on ebay from China. Not sure if that's where I got the idea, but I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only girl out there who both watches the show and also think that the accessories aren't totally over the top, and also is most of the time over the top herself. Did that make sense?

Saturday, December 20, 2008

My brother's friends snowboarding...

He took a bunch of pictures and made it into a video. Since I'm using his video editing software on his laptop, I figured that I should post this video.

Mr Gumball Machine

It says "Oscar's Wild Ride" at the bottom. Its also very cold here and every one that is a white lame kid throws around weird dead racist words. And they call cigarettes 'grits'

Tonight, I'm in my brother's world, I can't wait till maybe I'm in a world where people I would hang out with exist. Hopefully tomorrrow.

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Real Nevada

My mom said "man, they made fun of Sarah Palin, just imagine how they'd tear up a Nevada woman like that!"

I'm not gonna say we didnt see women of this type when we lived in Reno. Or when we'd go to Glamis.

Cool Worn Text

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hehe, oh you xtians.

This person is way more committed to christ than you. Or any pansy xtian friends or family you may have. They think that bumper stickers are for pussies. Xtreme Ways of Life Only.

It's funny that this was made in 2000

Because in the year 2000 I was 14 and the first time I was ever assigned art on the computer using Gimp software, I made my brother take a bunch of pictures of me with a disposable camera while I wore too much makeup and a fairy looking dress, and then took a picture of a bunch of butterfly stuff I had around my room, and I scanned both of them in and made myself a fairy and the fairy was holding a ball of light and dancing around on lazers. I don't know if the printout still exists, but it will turn up one day and I will be there to link to this post.

But anyways, this girl Lektrogirl seems pretty funny, she has stuff on youtube, stuff on a blog, and a wedding website. The wedding website also says "coming soon: divorce website" which I thought was pretty hilarious.

The internet is a scary place.

Woah since my theme seems to be accidental voyeurism lately, I'll also have to talk about how much I hate the forum format. It's just really so conducive to people picking on one another or fucking with each other. Internet bullying is so scary sounding, it's the sort of thing that makes me scared to have kids at all.

For example, all my friends that were into posting on forums or having their own site/blog in high school-- On one hand, I am kind of horribly jealous of them that I didn't get started sooner because all of them are like whizzes in several different markup languages just from fucking around on the internet when we all had way too much time and weren't allowed out on school nights and stuff, and on the other hand, two girls I know (both of whom sat next to me in Digital Arts classes, ironically...) were horribly insecure in high school, and even though their websites were this great release from the cruel world of teenagers, if they were my daughters after that girl in St Charles was bullied to death by an adult woman via fake boy created on Myspace, I'd be totally worried sick even if their sites are only filled with content that interests them...or maybe I've watched too many Degrassi episodes...

One of these girls had a Linkin Park fansite, and she was a few years younger than me, and I just found that she's still into fansites networks, but now it's Panic at the Disco guy. And she doesn't seem as lonely as she did when I first met her, she has 4 friends in common with me on facebook, and they're all good people to know. Happy endings.

Did I want to know this?

There is a whole community of YouTube users that just makes videos of bratz and barbies doing stuff like reinacting movies and music videos and well, TV shows like ANTM....

Here are the auditions in case you thought that was funny enough to watch more of it like I did. Maybe not for those who've never enjoyed playing barbies or ANTM...I have a feeling that Ksteg is going to watch the entire series...

Everything is funnier when in recital form.

I found a whole bunch of videos of kids playing mario bros themes on marimba, but this was way funnier. Plus they only have 599 views so you know you're making their day.

Ps- I made up some sweet Streetfighter dance moves inspired by leaving the controller on idle. I can't wait till Friday so I can show my brother, he's gonna laugh so hard, and then he's probably going to call me weird but whatevs.

When I'm home I'll try to find any sort of home movie I can bring back to st louis and convert to internet. I especially want to find my sixth grade lip sync tape...the story with that is that well, I got left out of things a lot as a kid and when people were forming groups, I didn't want to lip sync alone out of fear of being made fun of, which was going to happen either way, but my friends that I thought I could be in a group with were kind of being exclusive anyways...They'd decided to do Toni Basil's "Hey Mickey" and they'd already arranged to rent the cheerleaders costumes, and they only came in sets of 4, so again, I was by default excluded.

At this point my friend Laura Jacobsen's mom got a little creative and added me in as a character....she made us all watch the video to get a vibe or example of how the cheerleaders could dance and she figured out a way that the little ADHD underweight exhibitionist bouncy ball that dresses weird that I was could be included...pretty much as Toni Basil but instead we'd rent a Minnie Mouse costume. [Luckily it wasn't the kind with the huge head] She then directed me to you know, get really mad at this little Mickey doll, and act like Mickey wasn't taking me out on enough dates or he'd cheated on me or something and like "oops, his loss!" and I got super duper into it, so I'm going to try my hardest to find that video when I'm home. I even went so far as to throw the mickey plush on the ground.

After the 6th grade lip sync, I got invited to the birthday party of one of the girls in our group, named Radhika, (yeah, her name has 'Rad' in it) and we were daring each other to do ridiculous stuff and they dared me to put water on my pants and go tell Radhika's mom that I'd had an accident, and it worked WAY TOO WELL, and it was way funnier than originally dared.

This reminded me of That.

Taylor sent me a video saying it reminded her of me, and then I found another video that reminded me of that. Instead of sending it to her, I know she'd really enjoy it if I shared the secret with everyone. I mean, after all, if I may quote myself...Secrets Don't Make Friends.

Here's what she sent me:

I'm so in love with it that I'm actually going to try to find a way to watch this very soon.
Plus, it's not as good as what she sent me, it really just has two girls and happens to be called FUN FUN!


I don't even have the capacity to articulate how happy this makes me right now. I even had trouble on how to word that. My favorite thing is how shy Jessica gets in front of the camera. Last time I saw her she had a yin yang earring on, which was so cool.

The first time paper rad played in Michael's basement back in 2006 (I think?) had like, no turnout, but it made it that much more special of who was there, and also, it made it really easy for us to kick people out and proceed to have the most fun whiskey and pizza fueled slumber party EVER. And then Chilton (a kitten at the time) peed on Brian Gibson's sleeping bag. Even when I hung out with him at SXSW and he totally never held it against Chilton because he snuggled with him too, I was still totally embarrassed. I'm still bummed that Jessica and Ben didn't come to SouthBuy, it was such a funny bro hang out time. All we all did together was eat pizza and make dirty jokes and get lost in the largest whole foods ever.

Hey while I'm on topic, I happened to find this really really great book of Ben's (I almost said "dude with moustache"--but then I realized that uh, they both have moustaches....he's the first guy in the video) new paintings and drawings, which is only in an edition of 1000 and I think I need it. Here's the link where I found it in this store that I guess only sells awesome things.

Ok, enough about that.

Get As Excited As I Am...

Cuz if you didn't already know, you can download cute little characters from cubeecraft.com FOR FREE. They even have holiday themed ones that are jinglecats!!!!

I'm sure there's gotta be some other people that do this sort of thing too...if anyone finds any other variations or already knows of some, post it in the comments!

This is a great idea for free (or as free as your printer ink) gifts for people that you forgot to buy stuff for or don't know what to get them at this stressful holiday time, but you want to show them that you care enough to make something cute for them....Or if you don't want to look like a flake when 7 months later you find them the perfect gift and say "HAPPY HOLLYDAZE!" and they go "that's very sweet, HL, but it's July, and it's my birthday...I'd totally forgotten that you'd forgotten to give me an Xmas present."

Me = Man Overboard!!!!

Oops, I guess I'm accidentally a voyeur!

Deep, right?

Don't you just love it when you are on a google image search and you click on a picture and somehow the image came from a mention on someone's myspace page? I think I might have to make a tag for this, because I found one that was fucking hilarious.

1) I really wish I could believe this person was being even just a bit ironic about this.
2) implying that you are an illegal drug user via any internet media is so idiotic.
3) If you are like me and can't figure out how to make that song stop, it is Just above the "Heroes" section on the left hand side of the page.
4) I really wish I didn't share certain aesthetics with total losers like ravers. Big Fat Sigh.
Ps- I am drinking a beer in bed with my cats and it's the best alone late night ever.

fan art for viral video?

I'm not sure I even want to do anything but link to what all this is about because uhhh, I don't want the name of this viral video to be the top hit of the month for how people got to this page...someone sent someone I know the video and I think I stopped watching it after a few seconds because the voices were totally annoying and loud and over 3 minutes long...but I guess now that I've done all this accidental research on pop culture, I will watch the whole thing.

I was unaware that people make fanart for youtube sensations?! Let's get on this train, my friends! Let's try not to be on the caboose end, okay?

Monday, December 15, 2008

I really am in love

with that MGMT video "The Youth" that Eric Wareheim directed. I've already thought about ways to reasonably incorporate the dance move where the kids grab their armpits sort of.

At first, I didn't even really like the song. This video has really tugged on my heartstrings though. I think I'm gonna buy it. I hope they have the version as a music video too, so I can enjoy it on my iPhone whenever I damn well please.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Weird, but not That weird.

Yesterday I was awoken by a phone call from the boy that I lost my virginity to. It's not that weird to me, but it just sounded like something that would sound funny to other people.

Anyone who sees these is Required by Law to Comment.

I found these in my Grandma's basement and uh, I think it speaks for itself why I wanted my mom to scan these in. I'm still going to tell you a few reasons why though.
1) Permed. Bangs.
2) Glamour Shots. [To be fair, my grandma and my 2 cousins also did them that day]
3) Both are from the same year. [5th grade]
4) JonBenet anyone?
5) My. Many. Moods.
6) Mismatched Scrunchies.

Do Chickens Drink Beer and Eat Doritos?

Today they do!I tried on this Chicken suit that someone else will be wearing at this year's New Year's Party at White Flag. You'll be able to shoot at the people wearing animal costumes with paintball guns. It's going to be awesome. Our New Year's party is always curated by a local artist and this year it's Evil Prints' Tom Huck, so it's an Evil Blood-Soaked Hee Haw Dance party. I've been busy ripping a whole mess of great hillbilly and goresploitation and other themed videos off of youtube that I'm choppin together for projecting on the wall.

Here's the link to the Flyer, it was too large to post here.

Sort of related news-- Presenting, my New Look:
The chicken costume got got so I ditched the mask and sheddy body and wore the legwarmers and chicken feet shoes. This is especially funny to me (and anyone I went to the 8th grade with) because from the way I run and my lankiness, in middle school, a few boys made my life hell by calling me Ostrich. As it turns out, I guess I can admit now that I look strangely natural and kinda cute as a big bird.

I think I'm gonna look up what other kind of runner shoes they make for going over your shoes in costumes for next Halloween. Or for dressing up or making up skits in general. This reminds me of this picture of Ali that I have that I took after we woke up at Cole's parents house after his birthday and when we were all getting ready to go downstairs for our breakfast of the German Chocolate Cake that we made him the night before and glasses of varied milks, we found a tupperware box in his closet that was just labeled "Noses." I'll let the picture tell the rest of the story:


Friday, December 12, 2008

New music, new love.

I was seeing flyers all over the place that I thought looked cool when I went to SXSW this past March, but somehow I'm always in disbelief [or well, at least I'm skeptical for some reason] when there is such media blast over a band or whatevs...but sometime recently my old boyfriend was over and he saw the flyer on my desk and was saying the band was cool, and then I meant to look it up, but I haven't until like, last week or so. Here's what I found:

Description of video:
This is a screen capture of someone playing the interactive music video game for MGMT's new song "Electric Feel". There are 625 to the 229th power different ways the video can turn out. Download the interactive video at: whoismgmt.com/efvideo

MGMT's new album "Oracular Spectacular", produced by MGMT and Dave Fridmann, is now available for download on iTunes from Columbia Records.

their myspace

I haven't tried it yet, but it sure looks like fun, right? I think that it's impressive that they know someone that's cool enough to take the time to program alll those possibilities and stock footage and stuff.

My friend Peetr just did a post that included MGMT video that I just about fell in love with and totally reminded me to post the post that's two above this one...

1) kidsploitation is always cool.
2) so are kids wearing makeup.
3) sequins are good in my book.
4) did anyone else make up dances like this? I know I did. There might even be video of it somewhere in existence.
5) just look at those stages!
6) Child actors are so much better at acting when they're just lipsyncing. Maybe that's why they had the special child in David Lynch's DUNE [who turned out to be a fox and was not much later on Twin Peaks] have such a freaky overdub that made everyone go "really? You kept her silent all through the whole movie just so she could sound like this? I think they actually made her sound like that because the actress seemed to have a bit of a speech impediment even through adulthood, but you never know.
7) As Peetr mentioned, It was directed by Eric of Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! And those guys make me feel a whole lot better about just being weird and reveling in aestetics that a lot of people would find tacky or take it like it's supposed to be ironic.

But they DO love nip slips that much

I was looking to see if there was a music video for this french new wave song called "Roman Photo" by this girl called Ruth, and all I found was a video of a kid dancing by himself in the snow, stopped watching that after 20 seconds or so...and then I saw this thing that said "wardrobe" and it was this asian girl showing off every outfit that she owned, set to the song. I wanted to see if this was like, a "thing" that people do, so I looked it up and all I got was "wardrobe malfunctions"

Just Look at That Beard!

He SoOo didn't have that in summer.

I know it's officially winter because...

1) Chilton has grown a beard.
2)I'm running the space heater and the humidifier while I sleep.
3) It's really hard to get out of bed when you have buddies to snuggle.
4) Look how wistfully he's looking off into the distance.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Giant Leaf Vacuum.

Yep. Believe it cuz it's real... Beth and I saw this in action sometime last week, and driving around yesterday we saw it again at a gas station...that hose is actually for vacuuming up leaves on the side of the road.

Thrift Store Find.

I couldn't bring myself to buy it though. The only two diagrams/illustrations in the book were very vague and confusing side cutaways of male and female reproductive systems. Not even funny.

Outdoor cat with personal vendetta.

This picture sucks, but when I was coming home late last night, I totally saw an outdoor cat pooping on someone's lawn last night. I thought it was hilarious because everything cats do in this department seems like a personal vendetta. Look how close he is to that person's front porch!

You've got to be Shitting Me.

SideKick Needed (U City)

Reply to: job-953414528@craigslist.org [?]
Date: 2008-12-10, 10:14PM CST

Sidekick needed for common sidekick tasks. Your duties include but are not limited to:

-lurking within an arm's reach nearly every hour of the day
-providing one liners to complement my jokes
-riding shotgun in my car
-complementing my outfits, hair, etc
-monthly check book reconciliation
-weekly grocery shopping

Applications without a cover letter and resume will not be considered for hire.

  • Location: U City
  • Compensation: $12.50/hour
  • This is a part-time job.
  • This is a contract job.
  • This is at a non-profit organization.
  • This is an internship job
  • Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
  • Please, no phone calls about this job!
  • Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.
PostingID: 953414528

12.50 an hour is good, too bad you can't apply for something that is so obviously completely bogus.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I'd been trying to take this picture for weeks but he kept jumping off
the board getting excited to see me!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cookie Poetry

I didn't remember them saying anything on these cookies, but you dip them in chocolate and these ones were my favorite.

Beware of lies, little fox.

Monday, December 8, 2008


My apologies for my lengthy drunk rambling. I may have to edit/delete that when I have time.

I just fell all in love with an old friend all over again.

Saturday Night, It came to me.

Later this month, really, in a matter of days...I am going to be GOING HOME.


This is a big deal. I felt all weird about this for like, over a year now. For those of you who haven't known me that long, or don't know me at all, a very good friend of mine in high school, who was younger than me and I considered a younger brother and we pretty much exclusively hung out every day I was home...it's a huge bummer but he killed himself last September in his first semester of college and I pretty much have been really weird ever since, and going home has meant something different, and now It's Finally starting to feel a little more normal. I'm remembering why I love the people that I love, why I'm excited to see some of the people that I am excited to see, and basically being excited in general.

Part of this excitement is stemming from the fact that this year I've really been thrown into remembering how much life on a bicycle is enjoyable. I haven't ridden my bike in a serious solid 2 weeks, and it's been like, glaring at me-- I apologize to my bike every time I see it and I'm actually tipsy enough to talk to my bike. I feel like an angsty teenager that can't fuck but really wants to or something.

And Last Night, I remembered. Not only can I probably finagle a way to procure a bike that I will enjoy riding for the holidays, [ahem, in never less than 50 degree weather, suckaahhhhss] but I remembered that I have a friend that got into biking a few years ago that is like MY HEIGHT and also A GIRL. AND ALSO A GOOD FRIEND that even though I don't see her or talk to her much, when we do, it's like nothing is new and even if our hobbies have changed, we still have a ton to talk about, and holy shit. I'm so looking forward to seeing my good friend Brooke Moore.

Tonight I looked her up on myspace so I could email her and I saw that one of her blog posts on there was a song that has been totally stuck in my head and my heart for a few weeks now, and that's not even the first reason I was planning to email her.

Ok, but I am drunk and I need to sleep and I shouldn't be writing and publishing such long dear diary style posts.

I am so ready for a change of scenery for a small time. St Louis I will miss, but holy shit I'm gonna eat me some fucking unforgettable tacos.

TACO TOUR '08!!!! No questions please, just fun.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Boys Are Dumb.

One time my brother lit my hair on fire when I was just watching TV. He was 12 I was 14, our dad smoked cigars at the time and Ryan got a hold of a butane torch lighter. Little shit.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008



With a whole mess o fun people! It was my first time to Pop's in the lovely Sauget, IL, and my first time seeing GWAR. I got totally spattered. So did most of my friends. It was really fun.

I've got this great poster advertising a panel discussion that my ex boyfriend was on with the Sexecutioner of GWAR at Colombia College in Chicago which was on like violence and video games and kids or something. How funny is that?

then we all went to atomic cowboy for their $1 busch cans and Stephen DJing, and then I got to watch Pee Wee's Big Top Circus with a friend and hold hands and be excited and stay up all night. Aw.
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