Saturday, February 28, 2009

So good.

thanks peter aka dontclickitdude

Mom and facebook update

so a while ago i did a post on my mom joining facebook and immediately posting and tagging a photo of me in the bathtub.

She uses it way more than I do and I halfway think it's really cute that she's having fun on the internet, and then I'm halfway totally confused that all these adults are going apeshit over facebook and spending a lot of time on it. Aren't you guys all getting less work done?

This has also made me spend more time on fb, which I don't really know how to feel about...I feel like a few months ago I was like "I don't know how to use the new's so complicated looking and I don't want to spend time learning to navigate it" and now the generation that just a few years ago was all joking like "I don't even know how to turn that thing on!" and now like, my mom (who has always been excellent at computers in her defense) is suggesting that I friend my great aunt Lillian on a social networking site that you originally had to have a college email address to sign up for! I remember when my school "didn't have" facebook!

I'm not complaining or anything, it's just kind of surreal to see people freak out over something that seemed like it already had it's set purpose and didn't really seem like it was going to take off for a FEW entire other demographics.

This whole thing makes me feel a bit curmudgeonly. So much so that I actually forgot that the whole reason I wanted to make this post was actually to commend my mom for joining the group "Support Michael Phelps" even though she has never touched grass in her life. Very cool mom, she knows that 23 year old boys make mistakes.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Last Friday.

Stephen says, "shake that bear" (which I now realize is a totally gross reference to the worst video I will probably ever see in my life...)

Ksteg Intensity

Just pretend I'm Sherlock holmes by sparks is the soundtrack to this

Its like las meninas

Says ksteg, playing dead

What? I liked my outfit.

I liked my outfit so much today that I decided to have a photobooth photoshoot with Chilly. He was jumping all over the place trying to play with the pullstring on my ceiling fan and the strings off my shirt. I haven't worn this shirt since I got it from Target a few months ago, but I really like it, and I especially like that it shows my new tattoo off! I am such a fan of tattoos that you can electively show or hide depending on the cut of your clothes.

I did awesome at bowling last night!

I got there 3 frames into the second game, and they let me catch up so I only missed the first game. I was just going to take a blind for the first game (where they give you 100 points for not showing up so your team's average isn't totally thrown) but after we were all done I decided to just go ahead and bowl the first game by myself and I swear I heard "We should just have her bowl everything in a row ALL the time" because it was magic.

We bowled against a team called "stoned spiral staircase" and it was two wiry thin sisters with no asses in their mid 20s that kind of reminded me of Disney's Cinderella's stepsisters...if the stepsisters drank whiskey, and their friend who was way prettier than both of them, but had this unfortunate tire just above her jeans, which I've never really seen on a girl so young. I bet it's extra skin from a big rapid weight loss or maybe the other way around, but anyways, I shouldn't try to describe them negatively, they were all very nice girls and they fed me whiskey and cigarettes and they kept trying to steal me from my team. Our corner was very very giggly and I don't know about their scores, but it definitely affected the way that I bowled my first two games...If you look at their scores above, you might get an idea of how their first game went. Surprisingly, there was very little disappointment and there were so many high fives I was in heaven. I love high fives.

I was using R∅B's glittery gold ball that gave me so much luck last week, but I figured out that a 10 pound ball is actually too light for me (I already knew that) and the only reason I did so well with it last week was because my back was all fucked up so a lighter ball was a blessing. I found a good ball just before my third game and it says Eric on it, which makes me think of Eric Wareheim and channeling all his awesomeness when I use it. It's smoky grey with that dragonfly dust or whatever makes it shimmery. I don't even know how much it weighs but it feels right. I'm going to get there early next week and claim it because that's the ball I bowled 164 with.

My Scores:
Game 2- 114
Game 3- 106
Game 1- 164 ✌

⎛ | ⎞

They're only out of order because I had to bowl late, remember? I just told you!
And, yes. I did just make a peace sign after the other peace sign because I figured out how to do it over text message last week and i think that is pretty awesome.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stephen giving Luke a haircut

So funny.

Lovers, fighters, or staring contest?


The FBC's annual cold ride for cold beer is on Saturday and I can't fucking go because if I went I'd be missing the third Saturday of work in a row at White Flag and fucking fuck we have a daytime opening. Fuck.

So instead I'll be missing my third FBC thing in a row. Whatever. There's always more I guess. But fuck, man- I even bought a ski mask that is actually a tiger's face, complete with cat ears when I was in Brooklyn specifically so I could use it for this sort of thing.

Look how fun it looks!

Well if you don't feel like riding to Alton, IL, or you don't ride a bike, but you still like beer-- I will totally drink a beer with you while I (probably) bartend at the daytime opening. The gallery looks amazingly beautiful and there's no reason to miss it if you are available that day, so at least come visit me.

haven't we seen this before? a lot?

via make the logo bigger
which is worth linking to for their organized and extensive links list alone!

forgot to ever say this, but...

there's a reason why I think it's okay to blog about my cats all the time. Ksteg turned me on to this blog a while back that this dude writes called fourfour (I think?) and he has this cat Winston (and another named Simon) which is the equivalent of Chilton (and the other named Brakhage...just kidding, I Love them Both) on my blog. So I don't feel like such a freak for loving my pet.

Here are all the posts on his cats or about cats.

All of these are from the same flickr page

I found it months ago, but just got around to looking through like all 50 pages of it. It's some guy who takes pictures and I gather is in Iceland, has a pretty wife and a baby, likes bikes and to party, and has a lot of friends with really cool outfits. See for yourself here.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spy vs Spy

My bike ride went really well. I dressed up like a spy/poor man's bond girl and I headed over to TJ's parents' to get free dinner and go for a sunset bike ride. Consequently TJ's only bike without clipless pedals is a super sleek trek all carbon fiber fancy fast light as a cloud red thing with crazy new style shifters that I've never even touched or seen and they went in crazy directions and holy crap it was just what I needed to get back in the game. So my spy look was complete with a proper vehicle for a girl playing a secret agent or a spy.

I am so excited that it's getting warm out and TJ is such a good bicycle buddy and I don't really like riding my bike by myself for very long periods of time, so I am set for the season. I'm gonna find a perfect gear ratio for me sometime soon to build a single speed out of this frame I've had in my closet for almost a year, but tonight I'm gonna sleep well!

Come on, gimme just a little bit.

I'm plotting to steal your chocolate milk.


I Just called my friend TJ because I was bummed I wasn't out enjoying the nice weather and none of my girlfriends were answering their phones, and I am gonna go over to his house and ride one of his beautiful bikes and I'll make sure I take a picture. What a great friend. He is definitely one of my favorite people to ride bikes with.

I should also bring my frame with nothing on it so maybe he will get excited and help me build up my future bike. I've been really really wanting a single speed with a flip flop hub but I'm all hung up on gear ratio and what I might like mine to be, since you know, I can choose it and all.

Gotta change clothes!

Karaoke the past 2 weeks.

In new york I sang ABBA's SOS and I was called up before anyone else I was with went and it made me a little nervous, but it was ok. Everyone else that I went with was super cute doing their songs.

On monday at Mangia I sang Skeeter Davis's "End of the world"...I could only find a video of her wearing a very weird ponytail and kind of looking bored while singing:

I found this article a while ago that suggested/insisted that the only reason anyone likes ABBA is because of Agnetha's ass. I think that Ali and I would agree after watching the ABBA movie with footage from their Australian tour.

Holy shit this is GOLD

You best be clicking this link because
this video is so good for so many reasons.

People who love Jesus can get so weird. look at the comments:
KARENKKD (1 week ago) wow!!! this is awesome. I clicked on the link to see what it was about. Amazing!!!! Praise the Lord! lol.. sure tricked me. lol great job!
kingjiggleturtle (2 weeks ago) I respect this video because it does show that someone is looking out for you. Whether that's God or this guy, you do know that someone is looking out for you.
(2 weeks ago) This was an answer to my prayers. Thanks for keeping me accountable for my actions
(4 months ago) hey man, he probabably saved some ppl from eternal damnation, so if u dont like it, and u preffer to live in hell forever, thats ur problem. but at least show some respect for this guy, and not only him, but to GOD, and dont embarras urself...:\
onepersontwoperson (5 months ago) wow. Conviction man. Thanks for that sign, thanks for keeping me on the straight and narrow. lol. God won't even let me mess up this time...he's gotta be awesome.
Good evangelizing.
hcortes74 (5 months ago) thanks man i don´t know what i was doing. god bless you
lorolr14 (5 months ago) before i first say this video, i was just lookin for porn. Then, i saw it, and it really made me think. You probably just saved me from goin to hell man, and thats a really noble thing you can do. Tnx, and keep it up dude!

I'm sure that those people got to this video about the same way I did. I was looking for clips from the movie Secretary to see if there were any obvious ones of her being sexually punished for making typos [since that's a huge part of the movie] and then I clicked on some other movie sex scene and then I clicked on that link and dude. So good. I love the animated type, and that dude is giving a speech on righteousness on his lawn in front of windows with bars on them, and the best part is that this dude schemed the whole thing up.

Thank you, Christians, for entertaining me today. And guilting all those people in the comments. Nice Live Type. I like it. Keep up the good work.

proper writing

dude. we all need editors. I know I have problems with capitalization and sometimes I forget how to spell words and a lot of times when I try to use a word I don't use every day I use it in a really bizarre sounding context...but I've gotta say-- I want to edit most everything I read. It's the worst when I read anything that anyone I know has written.

It's like a really bad thing crawling under my skin. I know who I got this nitpicking tendency from (or a few people in life, really-- all boys) and it's not a bad thing as long as I keep my comments to myself when they are not warranted.

For some reason this got me thinking about the movie Secretary.

Drunk old men VS Drunk old ladies.


Here are the other two with puppets: Vodka and I'll tell you when I'm dead.
There is also a very good one with Bert and Ernie too.


This shit is better than Grey Gardens. I don't know the story with the ladies but there are a few more videos of them here... The story behind the Shut up little man videos is that someone lived next door to these two old men who just got drunk and fought all day, and so the neighbor recoded them and released the recordings.

This is super good and I'm glad someone made it and Stephen and Luke and I all wished this was a real movie:

Your Saturday Plans

Click it to read it bigger. We are having an opening during the day and the gallery is looking fucking awesome if I may say so myself. The walls are painted sunny colors and there is different colored vinyl on all the windows and skylights. I don't even know what the art looks like and I already love it because the artist sent us this tiny model of what the gallery should be painted like and stuff. If you have kids you should definitely bring them and have a beer in the middle of the day. If it stays as nice out as it is now, I will probably be riding my bike to work there that day, and maybe anyone else who reads this with a bike should do the same.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I ♡ Fuel Tv.

I just watched the first quicksilver natural selection invitational coverage, a freestyle snowboarding event, and it was awesome.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Just sittin in my crow's nest

I've never seen a cat use a box as a lookout before. Fousse and Taylor are doing good. We are gonna eat free PizZA tonight but foussie can't come.

Luke has a lizard?!

Her name is stumpy and she is a big bearded dragon! you can't see bc
my thumb is in the way but she has a missing claw.
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