Thursday, February 26, 2009


The FBC's annual cold ride for cold beer is on Saturday and I can't fucking go because if I went I'd be missing the third Saturday of work in a row at White Flag and fucking fuck we have a daytime opening. Fuck.

So instead I'll be missing my third FBC thing in a row. Whatever. There's always more I guess. But fuck, man- I even bought a ski mask that is actually a tiger's face, complete with cat ears when I was in Brooklyn specifically so I could use it for this sort of thing.

Look how fun it looks!

Well if you don't feel like riding to Alton, IL, or you don't ride a bike, but you still like beer-- I will totally drink a beer with you while I (probably) bartend at the daytime opening. The gallery looks amazingly beautiful and there's no reason to miss it if you are available that day, so at least come visit me.

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