Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Holy shit this is GOLD

You best be clicking this link because
this video is so good for so many reasons.

People who love Jesus can get so weird. look at the comments:
KARENKKD (1 week ago) wow!!! this is awesome. I clicked on the link to see what it was about. Amazing!!!! Praise the Lord! lol.. sure tricked me. lol great job!
kingjiggleturtle (2 weeks ago) I respect this video because it does show that someone is looking out for you. Whether that's God or this guy, you do know that someone is looking out for you.
(2 weeks ago) This was an answer to my prayers. Thanks for keeping me accountable for my actions
(4 months ago) hey man, he probabably saved some ppl from eternal damnation, so if u dont like it, and u preffer to live in hell forever, thats ur problem. but at least show some respect for this guy, and not only him, but to GOD, and dont embarras urself...:\
onepersontwoperson (5 months ago) wow. Conviction man. Thanks for that sign, thanks for keeping me on the straight and narrow. lol. God won't even let me mess up this time...he's gotta be awesome.
Good evangelizing.
hcortes74 (5 months ago) thanks man i don´t know what i was doing. god bless you
lorolr14 (5 months ago) before i first say this video, i was just lookin for porn. Then, i saw it, and it really made me think. You probably just saved me from goin to hell man, and thats a really noble thing you can do. Tnx, and keep it up dude!

I'm sure that those people got to this video about the same way I did. I was looking for clips from the movie Secretary to see if there were any obvious ones of her being sexually punished for making typos [since that's a huge part of the movie] and then I clicked on some other movie sex scene and then I clicked on that link and dude. So good. I love the animated type, and that dude is giving a speech on righteousness on his lawn in front of windows with bars on them, and the best part is that this dude schemed the whole thing up.

Thank you, Christians, for entertaining me today. And guilting all those people in the comments. Nice Live Type. I like it. Keep up the good work.

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