Friday, February 27, 2009

I did awesome at bowling last night!

I got there 3 frames into the second game, and they let me catch up so I only missed the first game. I was just going to take a blind for the first game (where they give you 100 points for not showing up so your team's average isn't totally thrown) but after we were all done I decided to just go ahead and bowl the first game by myself and I swear I heard "We should just have her bowl everything in a row ALL the time" because it was magic.

We bowled against a team called "stoned spiral staircase" and it was two wiry thin sisters with no asses in their mid 20s that kind of reminded me of Disney's Cinderella's stepsisters...if the stepsisters drank whiskey, and their friend who was way prettier than both of them, but had this unfortunate tire just above her jeans, which I've never really seen on a girl so young. I bet it's extra skin from a big rapid weight loss or maybe the other way around, but anyways, I shouldn't try to describe them negatively, they were all very nice girls and they fed me whiskey and cigarettes and they kept trying to steal me from my team. Our corner was very very giggly and I don't know about their scores, but it definitely affected the way that I bowled my first two games...If you look at their scores above, you might get an idea of how their first game went. Surprisingly, there was very little disappointment and there were so many high fives I was in heaven. I love high fives.

I was using R∅B's glittery gold ball that gave me so much luck last week, but I figured out that a 10 pound ball is actually too light for me (I already knew that) and the only reason I did so well with it last week was because my back was all fucked up so a lighter ball was a blessing. I found a good ball just before my third game and it says Eric on it, which makes me think of Eric Wareheim and channeling all his awesomeness when I use it. It's smoky grey with that dragonfly dust or whatever makes it shimmery. I don't even know how much it weighs but it feels right. I'm going to get there early next week and claim it because that's the ball I bowled 164 with.

My Scores:
Game 2- 114
Game 3- 106
Game 1- 164 ✌

⎛ | ⎞

They're only out of order because I had to bowl late, remember? I just told you!
And, yes. I did just make a peace sign after the other peace sign because I figured out how to do it over text message last week and i think that is pretty awesome.

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  1. What's this FORGERY!? Wocka wocka!

    Hah hah Cinderella's step-sisters. I didn't realize those gals were sisters but I thought they might be and I meant to ask. The one, Ruth, works at Saratoga sometimes, or used to at least. I think the quote about bowling in a row was from me, but I probably said "make her" instead of "have her." Thanks for spelling my name right.

    It's true I use a pretty wussy ball, but that's cuz I'm pretty wussy. However when I go to buy a new ball I am definitely going a pound or two heavier. It'll be some time before I work my way up to that 16-pounder though.

    Dragonfly Dust, hah hah. If the world needs more of anything...

    Oh yeah and me calling them "Stoned Spiral Staircase" was only on account of my blindness (I tried to see the play-bracket board from the table at our lanes). I asked "are you guys Stoned Spiral Staircase?" before the game started and they said yes. Turns out their name was actually Stone Spiral Strikers!?


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