Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ahh, Barbara.

I RIDE AN OLD CENTURION!!! That's what makes this photo ULTRA babely! It looks a little big for her! I'm not sure if it's newer or older but my shifters are on the downtube instead of the handlebars and it's definitely cuter than this one!

I've been watching a lot of I Dream of Jeannie lately and falling in love with Barbara Eden all over again. I love how much she loves the Major. People that say it's misogynistic are party poopers. He loves her and cares for her and they do sweet things for one another, and they even have a friend to share their secret with. My mom kept asking "are they married?" and somehow she managed the question in several different ways, and kept asking until I watched enough to figure it out.

When I was a kid in Tahoe I would ride my bike around and dream that I would run into Barbara Eden, she apparently lived somewhere in the area. My friends in Incline Village used to run into Leonard Nimoy at the Sevvie (7-11) so it's not that huge of a stretch, I promise! When I was 14 I begged and begged my mom to buy me this like 30 or 40 dollar exact replica costume for Halloween. She bought it for me but I wish I still had it. Maybe it's in a box somewhere at my parents'!!!! I bet she's partly responsible for forming some part of my sexuality. Definitely this scrunchy thing she does with her nose that every so often someone (usually male, usually flirting) will notice. If only I filled out tops like she does, ha!

When I set up my Tivo that's the first thing that I'm going to set to record. I found a pretty cute story on this fansite for Barbara Eden, just click on the "dreams come true" tab if you have some time to read a very excited account of the site's maker meeting her.

This is interesting...I found the original opening sequence which was live action.

So says a scifi blog here too! I wonder who else is on their babe list!


  1. I DREAM OF JEANNIE is also amazing because just about every single episode (or perhaps literally every single episode) was written and produced by the same person (who also created the show), which is unheard-of today (like 140 episodes or something). He (Sidney Sheldon, died about a year ago at the age of 90) also wrote and produced most or all episodes of THE PATTY DUKE show which he also created. Later in life he also created HART TO HART and wrote novels. Crazy!

    That R2-D2 picture is pretty darned amazing, because/but what on earth was Jeannie doing when STAR WARS came out? That show stopped running years earlier.

  2. I think it's because they both hang out with space travelers!


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