Thursday, March 19, 2009

Demetri Martin

So I've been sort of on the fence about whether I like the new show on Comedy Central, Important Things With Demetri Martin, but I think now I'm into it, if not only for this episode that is called Safety, and did a whole segment on "this is a guy in a neckbrace (doing insert activity here)"-- the best ones were "checking out a girl" and "talking to Two people"

So, i think this is funny bc I have to. First I was told that I broke the vertebrae just below my skull and I'll have to wear a neck brace for up to one month, and then my RN (his name is John and he's pretty chill) told me via my mom on the phone that it's actually probably gonna be more like 3...THREE... Months that I'll have to wear the brace (I'm totally going to be like, known for it or something. Ali- lauren is already getting commissions to make me brace coozies) and it's actually a fracture at the bottom of my skull. So uh, that's the update, I guess. If anyone wants the phone number to my room or to send me stuff like some of you have offered, shoot me an email please.


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