Monday, March 2, 2009


Isn't it funny how we all don't want to listen to what happens in other people's dreams, but we all feel compelled to tell one another about them in one way or another?

I am in the middle of composing a very long email to no recipient (I think I'm going to end up sending it to Maliea and Ali) because I woke up to the vibrations from a text message from Piper reminding me to eat something before I come to her hair school to be her model for the day, and I was convinced that everything that happened in this dream was so symbolic that you could probably look everything up in a dream dictionary. Now I'm not so sure, but two of my friends are going to get really long emails today.

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  1. bitch i got no email. just cuz i don't have a cute mexican accent? i will try harder to work on my spanish but i'm pretty sure it will turn out hillbilly living on the border.


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