Sunday, March 1, 2009

Drumroll Please...

Ladies and Gentlemen...Presenting...

The first picture I ever scanned into a computer:

Yeah, I know. I was 14, I put on way too much makeup, that one shoulder dress from Express, tried to make my hair real big and crazy, and had my brother take pictures of me with a disposable camera. Then I took a picture of this butterfly thing I had in my room (because in 99-00 I was really really obsessed with butterflies-- I even had a pair of bellbottom jeans with a baby blue butterfly silkscreened and glitter flocked on one of the bells that I bought at a store called RAVE*) and taped the one cut out picture to the other and then I scanned it in and used a program called gimp (which I now realize that I've told this story before in this post) to make me [as fairy] dance on lasers and have a glowing orb sprouting from my hand. So. Awesome. That I can't decide whether to laugh at myself or cringe. They also sort of remind me of that period in your life where your hormones are forcing you to want to be sexy and uh, kind of reminds me of that stage that Miley Cyrus went through when she took all those pictures of herself in bikinis.

But I am this close to emailing my 8th/9th grade art teacher to see if she still has the complete composited image. It wouldn't be the same if I just recreated it.

*while searching (unsuccessfully) I found a blog about Malls.

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