Thursday, March 19, 2009

For Taylor.

They gave me these awesome socks with smiley face treads and Velcro legwarmers that send electrical pulses to my legs in weird massagey waves so my muscles don't get thrombosis/blood clots/vericose veins while I'm stationary for so long.


  1. Hoh yeah I just E-Mailt you a hot picture and this fun video:

    So all can share in that. Feel free/encouraged to post the Squidbowl picture if'n ye want!

    Most importantly SQUID, REPAIR THYSELF!

  2. Oh yeah, also:

    Your very own post! Didn't know if I should link to this blarg or not, so I didn't, but I can always edit it in case people wanna see yer sweet injury pictures.


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