Friday, March 13, 2009

A force to be reckoned with

I'm not sure that I saw that anywhere but I thought it would be a nice idea while bowling. Mostly bc this dude (who seemed to only bowl with other people's balls-not just one) fucked me up by hanging out behind me and I only got one pin my first bowl, then on my next turn I think I had enough faux fury built up to get the most awesome strike ever.


  1. What th' were making this while we were there?

    That is loco! Loco Bueno! The magic of technology.

  2. what the? this older dude commented on my fast thumbs in texting while we were there! you read this so fast!

  3. Oh yeah, too much late-night internettin'. I guess I saw you doin' somethin'-or-other on the phoney baloney but I didn't realize it was MAKING A POST TO THIS WEB-U-SITE.


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