Sunday, March 1, 2009

found gems

During an image search for skeksis from The Dark Crystal, I found a really good 2.0 dorktastic website called Darkchilde's sanctuary on the internet (oh cruel world!) when I was searching for pictures of skeksis. YES! There are actually 4 different awesome dorks hosted under this thing called bookmice!
Then I found one called "Dream Child's Labyrinth" where I found this:

Many of us who are true and loyal Labyrinth fans have at one time or another (or perhaps still) dreamed a dream of being in the Labyrinth with its fantasy ballroom, its hidden adventures, its wonderful creatures, not to mention The Goblin King himself. A dream wasn't good enough for me, I needed more. So with a little magic of my own I wished myself away to the goblin city. Click here to see pictures of me in Labyrinth.

I wonder what makes this very specific type of dork love red and black so much. She also had a version of her and the goblin king where she was wearing the same dress as Jennifer Connely in the movie...which made me wonder at what point was she like "that dress sucks...I'm going to photoshop me in wearing the dress that I would have worn and by gone I would not be as whiny as that bitch and if only you knew what I would do to that Goblin King if I ever got my hands on that massive package!"

That photoshoot totally reminds me I have to scan something in right now.

I love old webpages. My favorite is actually quite thorough but looks horribly old fashioned and weird to navigate... I am almost a little embarrassed to reveal this, but then again, I already have that youtube bar of Kate Bush videos, so hopefully no one will be TOO surprised.... it's GaffaWeb! Aw, hell-- I'm feeling kind of spontaneous from being hungover...I'll just add it to my links list. I used to consult it all the time. It's how I learned lyrics and factoids such as Kate Bush's height-- she's only 5' 3"!!!! Ok, ok...I will stop dorking out right this second.

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