Friday, March 6, 2009

I carmelized onions!!!

Not so pretty but very tasty. They're going in mashed potatoes, unless there's something better to put them on/in. I hope its good.


  1. Aww yeah keep the food entries comin', ain't nothin' like a food blog. Mix the onions with some eggs. Put 'em both on like a big sheet of Nan or somethin'. Melt some cheese on there. BRING IT.

  2. Oh man this reminds me I was supposed to, and meant to, call you about the fish fry. It was pretty good--no real repeat value but a solid fry. I was so hurried to get outta work, I thought I was gonna have some time towards the end to make some calls but before I knew it I looked at the clock, had been on the phone with someone work-related for 45 minutes, and I was almost late to catch my bus. CRAP! Well, we'll be back at it next Friday, and it looks like you were pretty productive in the meantime. Hoooh!


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