Saturday, March 28, 2009

Good news!

I don't usually respond to emails I get from bands asking me to come to their show, but I got an email from some band that said they were playing a show at Lemmon's (which I consider a good neighborhood bar and I like hanging out there) with the Vivian Girls (which I also like and just wait till I post the picture Soli took of the lead singer looking all cute in her worn out Dead Milkmen tshirt that she looks like she's had for years and smeared eyeliner from the Austin heat and she is so cute) on April 4th (hasn't happened yet and you can mark your calenders too!) and I was so stoked with the whole thing I actually responded enthusiastically to their email.

So come out and see Vivian Girls with me on April 4th at Lemmon's. They are so cute, and their music is not obnoxious. In fact, it is pretty pleasant. Who's on board?


  1. Are you sure about all that?

    Lemmons website (a MySpace) shows no shows for April 4th.

    Vivian Girls MySpace says they'll be in Baltimore on April 4th (no dates listed for Lemmons or STL).

    I'm all about a Vivian Girls show at Lemmons but your source seems a little specious!

  2. man, good point. Maybe I was foiled. Totally strange and I guess I leapt before I looked!

  3. There's a comment thread here that sorta addresses this whole confusing issue:

    Maybe that "Anonymous" is you, for all I know, but in any case that answers that. The Vivian Girls are at Lemmons tomorrow, but it's not the all-girl Vivian Girls from Brooklyn; it's a local band that didn't do much research before picking their band name. That Henry Darger, he is mighty popular!

  4. man, i felt kind of stupid whenever I posted this but I'm just glad i wasn't the only one that made this mistake!


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