Sunday, March 8, 2009

I'm just gonna say it.

It's really wonderful that it's getting warm out...but I've got to say that I'm a little disappointed I won't be seeing boys in stocking caps looking super cute my top stocking cap memories of this winter...Plus a bonus of a really poorly photoshopped Jake's hat on Chilly above. Here we go:

Soli's bday party: Here we see Stephen eating black frosting. There was a better pic of the stocking cap but this one is so funny that I figured no one would actually care how little stocking cap is in this one. I'll tell you what-- I'll make it up to you-- here's a picture of him carrying part of a telephone pole we found in the woods (also at Soli's birthday party) and laughing.

Moving on:
This one's for you, Ali: Here we see Cole, inverted at Bri Zone after we all went to Sky Zone for Peat's birthday celebration. Yes, the picture was taken with the camera up side down so I didn't think it would be right if I fixed it on the computer.

Full Moon Fiasco #45: 40s on 40. There were girls looking cute in stocking caps too. Soli looked like a ninja.The whole Todorovich family is cartoonishly handsome, so it's no surprise that the Todo bros. look cool in stocking caps (Cole is the most skilled ski mask wearer I've ever masks should be synonymous with his name)

The other night I ran into my friend Sam and she was hanging out with all these skateboarder boys in stocking caps. They were all cute. This is Pat, we're both from California, and he got really happy when I knew what skate crew's logo was tattooed on his arm (Pissed Drunx/Drunks sorry I don't know how to spell the crew, I hadn't thought or heard about them probably since my cousins Vanessa and Lindsy Donahue [yeah i stole her name except she's younger than me] had all these guy friends when we were in middle school that either were friends with or idolized those dudes, I can't remember) and he also has a tattoo that says "100% skateboarder" which you can see in this picture (sorry so blurry) which he made me promise not to make fun of on the internet even though he doesn't even know that I keep this blog and I made no indication of giving him shit for it.

My whole trip to New York: Kit (left) was making the most awesome contortion with his nose that reminds me of the brilliant faces Soli comes up with in pictures (I tried to find a good picture but you'll just have to see another time. This is about boys in stocking caps, not Soli's clowning abilities) and Jake just is super duper cute no matter what because no matter how cold it is he always seems to have his ears sticking out of his cap. I had to put up a picture he sent me of him with a kitten in his jacket because that was pretty much the best thing he could have sent me to make me all swoony, whether he knew it or not.

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