Saturday, March 21, 2009

Me in a neckbrace looking at fireworks

Ok so since my nephew Brian Beemer was the first one to talk to me about the Important Things with Demetri Martin sketch showing a dude in a neckbrace doing regular things, everytime I take a picture to show my sister's family, you guys get to see too. This joke hopefully will keep being funny to me for a while.

Yesterday, when Soli and I were in whole foods, I kept making fun of myself because if was my first time among civilians, and I kept making extremely obvious movements that only someone in a neckbrace would do. The funniest was when soli was behind me and I kept turning around thinking that i'd lost her, but really she was just following me in one of my blind spots the whole time. This has happened a few times since and it's put us in stitches of laughter so we might have to film an example at some point.

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