Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Here's what my cable says the description is:

Date With an Angel (1987), one star, Silliness about a musician (Michael Knight), his fiancée (Pheobe Cates), and a gorgeous angel. (Comedy, 105 mins.)

I've seen parts of this before and I guess it's worth giving it a shot. The Wikipedia entry says: The film was marketed with the tagline "Jim is about to marry a princess... but he's in love with an angel." Imdb says that the standout quote is Phoebe Cates's character saying: "He hit me daddy! And then he kicked me in my hiney!"

I think it's funny because Phoebe Cates has a terrible 90's mom haircut and she is whining the whole time (but she is still a babe, duh) and the angel sort of looks like a prettier version of Paris Hilton and she doesn't talk, she coos and screeches like a bird, and the guy is just neurotic the whole movie. Right now his friends are trying to steal her by luring her with french fries, which she just discovered she loves. What will happen next? If you like wasting time on B movies like Ksteg and me, this movie is worth seeing once.

I love seeing siskel and ebert review stupid movies. The bad movies get em goin. That's the real treat. Watch em fight:

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  1. Ebert's such a dirty old man and Siskel's such a dork. Awesome.


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