Monday, March 23, 2009

My tarot reading

Meegan's bandmates were all sagely and grew up with hippie parents and wiccan commune covens or studied shamanism or something and one of their merch table perks was tarot readings. So one of them did a short reading where I shuffled the deck til it felt right, and then picked out three cards from any place in the deck that felt right, and I picked out like, an almost comic book literal looking reading. They're all swords, the first one shows carrying more than you can handle, and they're wood, the second they are metal and forged nicely but there are ten of them impaling this face down person in the dark, and the third one is a more jovial person carrying the nicer ones that they can handle on their own, and then leaving the excess that they thought couldn't stand on their own behind, and Is pleased to see that they can stand on their own.

So the impaled part was right, yeah?

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